Get On Board



Judith W.

“I didn’t understand that I was creating all the problems in my life by the way I was thinking. My health problems were someone else’s fault. I had believed this story about my life and didn’t realize how much it affected me. This class changed my life.”

Jennifer F.

“Ok, so I did brilliant body and miraculous mind because I had so much trouble focusing and couldn’t remember things. My life was a story of being a victim. I have a ways to go but it’s working and I have confidence for the first time ever.”

Jules Asthon

“I had not confidence and I felt bad. I know why now and have grown and changed in good ways. Not easy but worth it.”

Morgan R.

“After my baby was born my body didn’t go back. I had hot flashes too, and I’m only 28. My doctor suggested some drugs, but I was nursing, so I tried brilliant body and miraculous mind with Debra. We changed my eating and my hot flashes stopped. The big thing was when my baby started sleeping better. I guess I was eating so bad that it made her stomach upset. Those mindset modules I didn’t think would matter, but they do.”

C Groves.

“My life was so stressed out, and I ate to make myself feel better, but it didn’t. All it did was raise my blood pressure and cholesterol. I gained so much weight I hid the scale. The bottom line came when my relationship was affected. My friend had worked with Debra, so I tried her program, and it saved my life and my marriage.”