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Food-Fitness-Health-Weight-Mindset-Profession-Relationships It’s all connected. ~Debra Arko Novotny

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When I started writing about life and business, I had no idea it would mean books, e-courses, speaking, and my blog postings. As a holistic healer with an active online or virtual health coaching clients and a solid local alternative health care practice, writing doesn’t seem to fit in, to the non-patron. Yet it does – I write to help others, to share what I’ve learned personally and what my clients say they discover.

Each time I dip my toes into life with a client, we both discover that there’s no one way to have a healthy self. Some people get stuck in their heads repeating old recordings of how life was in the past. The mud is so thick that it’s like clogged arteries and often reflects as high cholesterol or weight gain. It’s that darn Mind-Body connection no one wants to face.

Yet as we bring out the sprinkler system of healing and wash away the muck, beneath is a beautiful person just wanting a better life. Is that you?  It doesn’t matter if this is you or not; there is no one way for everyone.


Dharma, Dreams, And Insomnia

For me it was a shove in the middle of the night, call it a repeated dream or a higher calling, it was waking me to keep going. To not stop helping people, to find a way to reach more people. Some call this Dharma. You have no idea how many people call me to say they can relate!

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My Dharma or life-path is laser focused on serving others. Yours may be on something personal or professional. It’s about Food-Fitness-Health-Weight-Mindset-Profession-Relationships it’s all connected.

My thirst for health and spiritual knowledge for the past 45 years covered the sphere of meditation, yoga, fitness, food, diets, why we get sick and how to naturally ‘cure’ disease. It didn’t stop there. I love to write, build businesses, do marketing, and share. The joy of helping someone feel good inside and out is like smelling the sweetest rose for me. Thank goodness I am a writer and speaker too.

It all started coming together in 1995. Why at this time in my life I don’t know! It was the middle of raising my family, being a good wife, and running a new business. I believe in a higher power, and it is on my side. It’s always moving me forward. Perhaps that’s when I ‘hit’ the ‘I’m ready button’ and life or that higher power took over.

We Create What We Think About Most

There’s a ton of wisdom in that old adage. It is said many ways because it reflects one of the simplest teachings yet hardest lessons we learn. It has pushed me, twisted me, and pulled me all because I am the one doing the thinking! Once we know how to think we start getting it right. Right in our profession, right in our relationships, and our health.

Often clients come to me in the thralls of this state unaware of how to manifest the best for themselves. It is because of this, that I know my path is to help others connect the dots between their physical health and their ‘self-awareness.’  Life-Changing Coach

Years of doing this work I know when you talk about weight loss we speak of the whole person. When we talk about eating right or fitness, we speak of the whole being. When we talk about menopause, insomnia, stress, work, relationships, happiness, even our careers we are talking about the whole self.

This is my coaching. It’s not Life Coaching; It’s Life-Changing mentoring.

Being a Life-Changing Coach

I remember family dinners. The normalcy of my childhood. I did experience other things too. Other kids hating me, hitting me. I recall times of fear as a teen or adult. A weak relationship with others, trouble in careers. These things shape us and give us a reason to be passionate about our work. Then connect us to our tribe.

My tribe as a Life-Changing Coach are people, especially women who felt bullied by others especially other women. How we suffer weight gain, low self-esteem, little confidence, and health problems. That’s the short list.

Men or women who feel their world is shaking out of control because they lost their ‘happy’ button. Yes, I just said that. Honestly how often to you laugh?  Is smiling or thinking to yourself ‘Damn I love my life’ a daily thing?

Is it time for a life changing. It’s about Food-Fitness-Health-Weight-Mindset-Profession-Relationships it’s all connected.

Being An Expert

As an expert I am the first to say I am always learning, I am simply on the same path you are, maybe a step ahead or even behind. My clients learn from me, grow because of our connection, and I do too. It’s a journey we take together; when you make strides, it’s empowering to both of us.Life-changing coach

I hope you don’t see this as a weakness rather you know it as courage. The courage to continue to do what I suggest you do; grow daily.


It’s my passion or life-purpose [Dharma] to share and serve those who would come my way the things that work for myself and many others. My process is one of leadership bringing other leaders along to impart their wisdom too. I don’t have all the answers and no one person should.


Why Health Is A Body-Mind-Spirit Thing

At first talking and writing about health was enough then I found that people actually kept running a mental tape of illness in their minds. It got worse as people repeated misinformation. “I have diabetes because it runs in my family. I am not smart enough to get better in life.”

It leads me to examine my thoughts too. Anything worth teaching is worth doing so I took the commitment to do the work in my life to write about it, to learn and teach it.

That’s what I offer. My experiences and that of countless patients or clients through writings, mentoring, e-courses, and other forms of media to help you empower your life.


No, you’re not broken inside, I did that self-talk too. You’re not, I am living proof of that. So what is it that we do together? It’s about Food-Fitness-Health-Weight-Mindset-Profession-Relationships it’s all connected. I keep saying this because when we work in the spaces between these words and the words themselves, we find where you are and where you want to be.

It’s life-changing, and it’s always fun. It stretches you and sometimes that feels unfamiliar then it feels thrilling because you know what happens on the ‘other side.’ It’s like physical stretches. Everything moves better, and there’s flow or range of motion that wasn’t there before you move forward in your life.

So dip your toes in, and let’s bring out the sprinklers and wash off the past.

Learn about foods and not go on a diet. Find fitness that makes you crave doing it. Explore your thoughts and the power they have in your life and health making these things be a choice, not a belief that you have to live a certain way. Don’t forget it’s okay to dream and look toward the career you want whether you’re in blue jeans or go after the suit and tie. It all works because each stretch builds empowerment and confidence.

Come along! Dip your feet in.

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Wishing you health and happiness,


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