You may be wondering who I am. Truth be told I’m just like you someone who struggled with figuring out my life and career. Growing up in a small steel mill town many people might say my family was liberal which seemed at odds with the conservative beliefs around us. Folks settled for their lot in life. I always had bigger dreams. I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

My parents both came from a place of having nothing to enjoying something. Moving from a coal town to a steel town meant more opportunity for my dad, and he met my mom. Her life had a history of wealth later immense loss, and death of her parents; she scraped by while caring for her younger brother. Together with my parents only saw “up” from where they were when their romance began.

To them, we were rich, and I always felt lucky and wealthy. It is a great way to start life, appreciating everything and believing all things are possible.

The gift they gave each of us kids was to go after our dreams. I did and I am a successful online business. I  created successful business with affiliate websites, eBooks, courses, coaching, consulting, videos, audios, and public speaking.

Like you, I thought I knew what I wanted to be but it wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I realized my career choice sucked. It was then I began my online marketing career. This has given me the ability to help others solve their problems. I simply share my knowledge in health, fitness, nutrition, personal growth, and how to start an online business.

I may also suggest books or products that I have found helpful. For these I make an referral fee or affiliate fee.

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