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Finding Your Purpose and Setting Goals For Health

  Your Purpose Isn’t What You Think               We often confuse our purpose with a goal in our lives. How can we truly be happy without giving up on our passion. This podcast focuses on how we often belief a job or something is our life purpose. It can…
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breaking the habit

Breaking The Habit Of Pleasing Others   

Breaking The Habit Of Pleasing Others Life is busy and in this digital world we tend to react instead of respond to living. How did life get to be this way?  Can we break a life long habit of pleasing others with a quick reply?  A 3-step tool to help you relax and build confidence…
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Business Success

Business Success Manifests In the Now

Failure is something every person experiences. How we handle it depends on our beliefs about our self.

Why We Dwell On Negative Emotions

Why We Dwell On Negative Emotions and How To Stop

Why is it that we remember certain things more clearly than others? Some happy moments are recalled clearly yet it seems unhappy events stay with us no matter how hard we try to stop

5 empowering ways nature

5 Empowering Ways Nature Can Teach You To Be More Self-Confident

The plant environment can teach you to be more self-confident. People who are self-confident like majestic trees don’t build on a rocky foundation usually.

The High Value Of Small Courtesies

The High Value Of Small Courtesies

In New Thought, we pay close attention to our personal growth and one area that gets overlooked for many beginners and seasoned Spiritual Thinkers is The High Value of Small Courtesies.


A Foot in the Past Blocks Happiness

How many times have we journeyed to the past? I’m talking about thinking about the past or events that already happened.


The Self-Empowerment Idea

Most days like many of you I read, I journal and then are days I don’t get to it. I feel a little less empowered those days.