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know like trust

The Art of Sharing Your Knowledge And Being Human

Getting People To Like, Know, and Trust You There’s an art of sharing your knowledge with others. Whether you’re in person or creating an information product, getting people to like, know and trust you is vital. It’s about being human and putting yourself in their place. Remember when you were actually in their place? I’m…
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purpose, divine yes

What Is Your Divine Yes?

We all have a calling or purpose in life. I call it your divine yes. It’s simple it’s the thing that makes you happy. “I once knew a man that said what made him happy was fishing all. He quit his job and headed out on his boat. He spent the day fishing, catching and…
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come from the heart

When Dealing With Family

Every day we’re confronted with the opportunity to react or respond to an event. It may be something as simple as a request for your order at the coffee bar. When dealing with family it can get messy blocking your happiness. Do You React or Respond To Email? Emails create another opportunity to react before…
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It could increase your happiness

Want More Happiness? Try Smiling

Recently a conversation started around a painted ceramic heart with the word happiness on it. A friend commented that I’m always happy and smiling. It got me thinking to myself why are you smiling?  Then I thought about being happy tying the two together. It’s not just me, researchers have long said facial expressions especially…
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we are walking by faith

We Are Walking By Faith Not By Sight

Our journey is unlike any other. It is ours alone. It is a journey of faith.  Faith, in ourselves, and that inner wisdom that whispers to us about our highest good. When we learn this, we are walking by faith, not by sight. Owning our own beliefs is a choice, and then we fuel it…
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the outline of living

The Outline Of Living In Divine Presence

As dusk falls into muted light, we journey toward nightfall; moving from daylight shadows. Each is equally powerful. Look closely – slowly we see the outlines of individual memories of our day. It’s in this still moment we reflect what truly is or is not. It is in this slowness we see the original outline…
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6 Common Habits That Are Holding You Back And How To Stop [part 1]

6 Common Habits That Are Holding You Back And How To Stop [part 1]

If you have read my blog for long, you know that all things have two sides. Today I want to share 6 common habits that are holding you back and how to stop. We as humans often associate habits as being bad, but you likely have formed some good ones like how often and when…
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Prosperity Is Waiting For You! Nothing Is Lacking

One of the toughest lessons is realizing is nothing lacking in our lives. Fear creeps in for a lot of people. You have to believe you are worth it.