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Loving Deeply

I had the highest compliment yesterday, by the cashier at Target. She told me how happy she was I came to your register because I am always happy

Time Management And The Small Business Owner – Part 1

Time Management Key To Small Business Success   Smart small business owners measure success and practice time management   As a small business owner I know how precious time is. Small business owners are the everyman. We are your neighbors. Think of me as your neighbor, because I am just like you. I have a…
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Power Up Your Mindset For Small Business Success

Set Your Mindset On Win Only Mode For Small Business Have you ever thought about how much of a winner you really are? You are strong, intelligent, and have developed your own small business plan. Do you think that you were able to do that just because you were bored with your j-o-b or because…
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21 Tools to Unlock Your Creative Genius

You Can Be Creative Too! You may not think you have what it takes to promote your business creatively. However, everyone has a creative side, you just need to learn how to unlock that creative potential. You need to find things that inspire you that will help unlock your creative genius. Whether it be book…
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