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super productive people

7 Habits of Super-Productive People

How do super productive people succeed at getting everything done daily? I don’t like to overstress about all I need to do in a day though I consider myself industrious and fruitful.

How Good Can You Stand It?

How Good Can You Stand It?

A mentor I had many years ago once asked,”How good can you stand it?” She was talking about my life and the future I wanted. I hadn’t thought about it. We all have dreams. Do we believe we can have what our heart’s desire and deserve it?

positive thinking

Grow your Business with Positive Thinking

Keeping a positive attitude and outlook at all times is crucial to the success of any business

Abraham Hicks ~ Mirror, mirror on the wall

How many hours out of your day do you spend trying to please everyone else above yourself?

Positive Thinking [Video]

Sometimes we forget that being positive in all aspects of our lives helps establish our happiness.

12 Ways the Law of Attraction Can Improve Your Life

As you stroll through life with its ups and downs, have you ever thought; there has to be a better way?

What You Don’t Know About Life At The Bottom Of The Ocean

The power of the mind is impressive.

The Law Of Attraction: You Control It

The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool. It could be the tides that puts the control in your hands.