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Everything You Do In Life Do It With Excitement And Passion

 Lead With Passion The other day my husband and I decided to start a diet again you know to lose that extra few pounds we gained way back at the holiday season and still haven’t lost. As we started looking at the program he sighed looking depressed at the short list of foods we could…
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Potential Is The Most Under Achieved Word In The Dictionary

“Potential is the most under-achieved word in the dictionary. We spend more time looking back at what we think we should have done instead of focusing on our potential for our future.” By Debra Arko   Ask yourself if you started today doing one thing you know well teaching other people this thing or helping others…
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Is Effective Verbal Communication That Important?

Effective Verbal Communication Starts With Listening Every day we communicate with others both verbally and non-verbally. Every time we smile at another person, say “Hello” to someone, carry on a conversation, or even purposely ignore someone, we are communicating. To become an entrepreneur you must learn to communicate effectively. When verbally communicating there are questions,…
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