Brilliant Body, Miraculous Mind

Brilliant Body, Miraculous Mind

Are you feeling ready to get the junk out of your mind and body? I call this having a brilliant body and miraculous mind. For many of my clients and me, it all started because we were sick of trying to lose weight, be healthy and my clients not about to try ONE more DIET! Let me share – I hear ya! That stuff doesn’t work anyway. Let me help you find your brilliant body and miraculous mind.

Brilliant Body, Miraculous Mind course from Debra Arko - Enhanced Living Today


Health is an inside job. Yip, it’s not only physical or on the ‘outside’ it starts inside your head; it’s in your thoughts and personal conversation. You know the one where you tell yourself what to do, and the voice sounds like . . . Well, you know who that voice sounds like.

But first, lets’ do a quick check in before you and I talk more. If you’re here reading this, life is busy, and I don’t want to guess that you have time right now between work, changing baby diapers, rushing kids to school, planning meals, and cleaning the house. Maybe you’re like me a grandmother and our time is still super busy. I created the quick read version and the longer version to satisfy the person on the go and the individual who needs lots of details and has the time to read a long letter.

What is Shift Your Mind Shift Your Body?

It’s an online course based on my super popular Mind – Body Life Shifting Program for my coaching clients. It’s designed to give you the same tools to shift your thinking and your body appearance. The whole idea, and it works too, is that your biggest problem when it comes to your women’s health or weight is how you think. Now you may like how your mind works! No worries were just cleaning out the dust bunnies under the bed!

Get ready to drop old habits and beliefs that suck at making you the best you possible. Think dust bunnies remember? Chances are you’re totally aware something is wrong, and you’re here to change that about yourself.


12 modules of material that you will find in your private ‘locker-room.’ Each week a new module opens guiding you toward your own personal genius.

These will guide you in shifting your body and shifting your mind, so you release your brilliance. Work at your own pace. Enjoy this material whenever works for you.

In your first week, there is a Get Clear – Get Started webinar. This will be recorded if you can’t make it.

Your very own personal one on one call in between week 2 to 4. This 15-minute call is to personally welcome you and answer your most burning question.

In addition to the weekly written modules, audios and videos are helping you reveal your Brilliant Body, Miraculous Mind.

Two webinars filled with answers to questions you have.


Every Monday and Wednesday – an important quote to use in your life. More about this in week one.

Every Monday – you’ll discover either a video, a pdf, or audio based the week’s Brilliant Body, Miraculous Mind

Each Tuesday – We’ll talk about things we all go through when we change our health and our mindset. You’ll receive an email on topics like procrastination, worry, self-worth, self-trust, etc.

Thursday: — Tips, recipes, perhaps a great story.

Friday: Looking back – how far you’ve come. How easy, hard. How worth it.

Saturday and Sunday: Because weekends get busy we’ll simply invite you to share what you’re grateful for to the private Facebook group. This is optional sharing.

We Will Cover ALL These Topics

It’s not my brain it’s my hormones! Women are complicated when it comes to your chemistry, and the junk in food doesn’t help. Sometimes it’s how you think, and other times it’s in the chemicals your brain tells your body to make. Learn how do you know the difference and when to do something about it.

Spring cleaning your beliefs: Do you hate clutter in your home or office space? Have you taken a look-see inside your thought process lately; what you think about can make you seem like a “hormonal . . .” well you know what I mean.

Starting Where the Dust Settles: Those darn dust bunnies are they running your life? Getting to the inside of things and learning how to change a belief that is hurting or actually hindering your health.

The nitty gritty about food and why it’s so confusing!: Remember the evil word . . . Diet? Someone just told me it’s been removed from your dictionary! News alert! There’s no perfect diet for you. Let’s talk food for you and go there instead.

Coping with the disbeliever inside you: Okay so you know what you like to eat, but your mind is telling you that the scale rules! It’s like a mental yo-yo can you or can’t you. Why health and even weight loss start inside not on the outside of you!

Did you just say house cleaning? The chemicals in your home that affect your body and mind. Unknown toxins that block hormone balance, health, and can even make your mind age quickly. You may be a new mom or a grandma like me it’s on your mind. You’re not ever ready to age physically or mentally so how can you slow it so you can enjoy life longer?

The key to fitness isn’t in a gym: The gym craze is just that; something you don’t really have time for so how can you become stronger, stave off aging and lose weight if you don’t hang out there with all the other bodies. Health is an inside game. Fitness can be done inside your home or office, outside and yes when you have time at the gym.

Sex it up, Live it up! Hey we have to consider all things and intimacy hits both our mind and body in profound ways. If the bedroom isn’t healthy neither are the other things. No partner no worries we even go there. Girl talk for all women.

Okay so maybe there’s something to this inner work stuff, after all, let’s talk about how meditation, mindfulness and connecting with our inner spirit matter so much. We don’t give our own intuitive nature much credit, and it’s time to learn how to do this so you can stop settling for less than’s in your life.

Your Power Group: Maybe you’ve noticed I love people and sharing I bet you do too. Do you know who has your best interest at heart and who doesn’t? Do you tell yourself that sharing with ‘so in so’ is okay because they’re related or your best friend since third grade? I bet you have a gut feeling about if you can tell that friend about something personal or not. So why do you keep sharing! We’ll discover how to share and what to share with who. You have many support networks they’re not all equal.

Mind Over Matter: You might be new to the idea of meditation or a pro either way you’ll find ways to unwind, start, and recharge your day. This is such a big topic that you’ll learn how to use meditation when you’re on the go, to start your day, and learn how to listen to your intuition instead of negativity.

Living the life you desire: Stop settling and learn how to open your heart and build confidence in yourself. This stops us from following old patterns, old programs,
and trust you.

You’ll go deeper into yourself and open your heart to the beauty inside you letting it reflect in your brilliant body. Here is where you live truly live. You are more than your body or mind. You have so much power, and you never have to settle for being less than you really are. You will soar and open yourself knowing that love and gratitude are true aspects of who you are.

debra-arko-italian-cooking-classWhy Work With Debra

I want to speak directly to you. When I first started helping people, I was in my thirties starting a holistic medical practice. People always ask me what made you want to do this. The answer isn’t that I had some horrible disease or overweight problems; the truth is I really wanted to help people with nutrition, natural medicine, and Chinese medicine!

My nature is curious, and my desire is to see people be happy. Because I want to know why people are unhappy or not feeling great I journeyed into the world of medicine becoming degreed and certified in Natural medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, even Chinese Medicine but my passion was still not fulfilled and my Spirit yearning to follow the whisper I kept hearing within myself.

You see my mom was a great intuitive yet I continued to ignore the tiny voice urging me to listen to my internal wisdom system. It’s that part of us that is true freedom, total confidence, and pure joy. Growing up in a home filled with joy might sound strange to you. It might sound even more unusual to consider my mom always told me to trust my gut, to listen to my inner wisdom!

So what held me back from just doing what my mom wanted? Let me ask you did you do what your mom told you when you were growing up? I bet you’re laughing and maybe shaking your head knowing exactly what I am talking about.

There’s a reason most women do this. It’s part of our growth and how we truly become free by trusting ourselves and listening to our wisdom. The problem is most of us need help to get there. If we don’t get it and we kept replaying our story, reliving it, and redoing the same things.

What I learned from personal experience and years of working with clients is this affects our health. It’s why self-doubt slides into place edging out our confidence. It’s so subtle. At first, you simply tell yourself it’s a little thing, and you’re just super emotional. But before you know it years has gone by, and you have settled in your life. You have become a story of your past. It’s all you’ve got. It controls your thoughts, your beliefs, and your health. Maybe food has been your ‘go to’ in these times, or you replay events nightly on the late show of your mind – never mind it’s 3 am.

Yes, I’ve been there so have countless women I have helped to stop settling for less and shift into their brilliant body and miraculous mind. This is my passion. This is what I really love to do. Help women find their best health, their confidence, and their joy.


The course is about sharing massive amounts of easy to understand knowledge and tools to get you on board with that part of you that loves you and wants you to rock your world.

You’ll dive into easy-to-do meditation helping you center all your goodness.

Then you’ll hop over to how your thinking actually can be making you sick or fat [ I hate that word so let’s be honest it’s about that extra padding filling your jeans and let’s drop that nasty word].

Remember the shift is inside you and well when it’s not healthy for you, your brain sends messages to your body, and it responds.

Most times you just have trouble falling asleep or notice you’re under more stress – oops lots more stress. It’s when you stop thinking this is not okay that you’re in trouble. Hey, you’re made to have a healthy mind so when this junk starts to happen your body takes the ‘junk’ into itself physically, and you get sick or gain weight.

It’s not all in your head, though. You get blocked in some ways it’s like having mental constipation, and you don’t do healthy things for your body. We lack that mind-body connection. “The stupid’s” come out or as they’re also known your willpower against sugar runs off with your body and yip your mind too. [I give you lots of science to back all this up in an easy to learn and get passionate way too.]

You begin to settle and think it’s okay! Don’t go there!


Because we all get busy, it’s set up giving you Fridays and Saturday’s off and letting you relax into lazy Sunday’s.

This is your program it’s totally password protected. Prefer working with the course after the kids go to bed, or maybe you’re an early riser. Everything is accessible when you’re ready.

One of my favorite things is the dedicated members’ only Facebook group.

Gain support from myself and our community.

All written ‘things’ are downloadable and can be printed for quick reference.

This includes the recipes!

You’ll get my bonus webinars and a fast track 1-1 with me by phone or Skype.

This alone is more than the cost of the course.

Also, you’ll be on the inside track for discounts and specials on all other products or services offered because I really appreciate you and want you to succeed.

I believe in you. I know you can have a brilliant body and a miraculous mind so I am offering you two ways to work with me and the Shift Your Mind Shift Your Body program.

What some clients are saying…

“I didn’t understand that I was creating all the
problems in my life by the way I was thinking. My health problems were someone else’s fault. I had believed this story about my life and didn’t realize how much it affected me. This class changed my life.”
Judith W.

“Ok, so I did brilliant body and miraculous mind because I had so much trouble focusing and couldn’t remember things. My life was a story of being a victim. I have a ways to go but it’s working and I have confidence for the first time ever.”
Jennifer F.

“I had not confidence and I felt bad. I know why now and have grown and changed in good ways. Not easy but worth it.”
Jules Asthon

“After my baby was born my body didn’t go back. I had hot flashes too, and I’m only 28. My doctor suggested some drugs, but I was nursing, so I tried brilliant body and miraculous mind with Debra. We changed my eating and my hot flashes stopped. The big thing was when my baby started sleeping better. I guess I was eating so bad that it made her stomach upset. Those mindset modules I didn’t think would matter, but they do.”
Morgan R.

“My life was so stressed out, and I ate to make myself feel better, but it didn’t. All it did was raise my blood pressure and cholesterol. I gained so much weight I hid the scale. The bottom line came when my relationship was affected. My friend had worked with Debra, so I tried her program, and it saved my life and my marriage.”
C Groves.

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