The Life Shift Podcast

The first of its kind Life Shift podcast. It started as a way to help others back in 1999 with simple PDF files and a few articles. Over the decades and millions of readers and downloads since we have grown into videos, audios, many articles published here and across the internet to the final frontier, a weekly podcast.

It’s motivation, happiness, getting life to shift and dealing with the messy stuff. It’s personal, and it’s professional. It’s all about the relationships we create and muck up along with how to get clear, stay motivated, shift your beliefs and get your life moving in the right direction.

I like to say we deal with Body – Mind – Soul. Recently I changed this because we get to the soul of things. It’s that passion you have, and it’s the soul of you too.

I mentioned getting messy. How about dealing with home stuff from cooking to romance?  How about zeroing in on your career? Does it sink or are you stuck?  Maybe it’s motivation and accountability you need regularly. It’s great for startups, entrepreneurs, employers, and employees. As I always say, it’s amazing if you’re a mom or a dad heck it’s fantastic if you’re retired.

The goal is simple. Let’s get you where you want to go. It’s time to stop settling and have the life you want. Dive in and have a listen or two! Then chat me up in the comments on iTunes.

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