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I read the book

I Read The Book, I Took The Classes Now What?

It was 1997, I had just finished a graduate program in acupuncture, and it was time to take off the student cap and really look at how to apply what I learned to my business. At the time, I just thought to myself, “I read the book, I took the classes now what?

Triple Your Money Invest In You

Bill Mansell explains why investing in your business is great but investing in yourself is an investment that keeps on giving back.

The Law Of Attraction: You Control It

The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool. It could be the tides that puts the control in your hands.

Most Profitable Small Businesses Have Plans

The Most Profitable Small Businesses Have More Than One Plan Your business plan is such a big deal when it comes to success or failure. Take a look around you at the most profitable small businesses. Do you think they made it this far without a concrete plan? Profitable small businesses know in order to…
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Why Not Let Social Media Play A Major Role In Your Business

Social Media Should Be Part Of Your Business Plan What direction is your business taking when it comes to social media? Have you started thinking about how to build your presence? There are so many social media options and sometimes it’s hard to know which way to go. Social Media Isn’t Going Away You may have a…
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Business Success Is About Savoring Your Winning Moments

Business Success: Use The Best Days To Build Upon Scrap The Rest Have you ever had one of those days where your head feels like it’s spinning and you don’t know what direction to go? We all have our set backs from time to time. It’s important to stop focusing on the bad and focus…
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The Power Of Social Media: Believe In It

Power Of Social Media: Impact On Business People love great social media! Most of us live fast paced lives. When we look up something on the internet we want to be able to read or see what we are looking for immediately. We rely heavily on social media to keep us up-to-date on products and…
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How Colors Affect Our Buying Decisions [INFOGRAPHIC]

With So Many Decisions Did You Consider Appearance I love beautiful colors! Appearance plays a major role in all of our lives and often times affect our buying decisions. We love to see color and as humans we are naturally attracted to things that are shiny and new. Your business appearance is no different. In…
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