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We Are All Searchers of Connection

Meta description preview: It is through connection, we discover that Unity is freedom of self-expression and building confidence. Relationships with others or ourselves start here.

the outline of living

The Outline Of Living In Divine Presence

As dusk falls into muted light, we journey toward nightfall; moving from daylight shadows. Each is equally powerful. Look closely – slowly we see the outlines of individual memories of our day. It’s in this still moment we reflect what truly is or is not. It is in this slowness we see the original outline…
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Prosperity Is Waiting For You! Nothing Is Lacking

One of the toughest lessons is realizing is nothing lacking in our lives. Fear creeps in for a lot of people. You have to believe you are worth it.

The High Value Of Small Courtesies

The High Value Of Small Courtesies

In New Thought, we pay close attention to our personal growth and one area that gets overlooked for many beginners and seasoned Spiritual Thinkers is The High Value of Small Courtesies.


A Foot in the Past Blocks Happiness

How many times have we journeyed to the past? I’m talking about thinking about the past or events that already happened.