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breaking the habit

Breaking The Habit Of Pleasing Others   

Breaking The Habit Of Pleasing Others Life is busy and in this digital world we tend to react instead of respond to living. How did life get to be this way?  Can we break a life long habit of pleasing others with a quick reply?  A 3-step tool to help you relax and build confidence…
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purpose, divine yes

What Is Your Divine Yes?

We all have a calling or purpose in life. I call it your divine yes. It’s simple it’s the thing that makes you happy. “I once knew a man that said what made him happy was fishing all. He quit his job and headed out on his boat. He spent the day fishing, catching and…
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Loving Deeply

I had the highest compliment yesterday, by the cashier at Target. She told me how happy she was I came to your register because I am always happy

Practicing Gratitude-Business Leadership

How Practicing Gratitude Pays Off

The saying, count your blessings, is a common one you’ve likely heard or said to your children. Practicing gratitude or counting your blessings pays off in business leadership too.

Abraham Hicks ~ Mirror, mirror on the wall

How many hours out of your day do you spend trying to please everyone else above yourself?