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breaking the habit

Breaking The Habit Of Pleasing Others   

Breaking The Habit Of Pleasing Others Life is busy and in this digital world we tend to react instead of respond to living. How did life get to be this way?  Can we break a life long habit of pleasing others with a quick reply?  A 3-step tool to help you relax and build confidence…
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Podcasting 101: How to Create a Successful Podcast in 5 Easy Steps

A Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting For someone who’s starting a small business, podcasting is touted as one of the emerging trends in social media that you must get your hands on.  Large leading companies like Toyota and CNN, are doing it…so can you! If you think that a podcast is like having your own radio…
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What Podcast Listeners Really Want from Your Show Notes

My Secret Key To Success With A Podcast! Give Your Listeners Show Notes One of the best things I learned from Jim Rohn when he was alive and I had the wonderful opportunity to study with him was put yourself in your clients shoes. You want them to be able to get something from what…
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