If you’ve visited before or spent time here, you know I am passionate about helping people shift their life and bring more happiness into the world. There’s so much more to being happy than just settling for ‘what is’ in your life.

I don’t know yet what brought you here, but it’s something to do with relationships because everything in life has a foundation where we interact in some way with other people. You likely are wanting to shift things around a bit or a lot in your world so you can be inspired, healthy, and confident. I get it. I want that for you too!

That’s why I want to help you. My superpower is helping other women and men find these things in their life. I am not teaching theory this is stuff I went through and many of my clients for two decades have walked through too. As a Life Shift Coach, I help you reach the highest potential for health, happiness, and confidence in all areas you chose to work on.

Working with me is simple

First, you can follow the website receiving emails by filling out the form to your right about complementary podcasts, recipes, articles, and webinars.

Next, I highly recommend one of our E-courses when they are available. Because these are private and live, they aren’t offered year-round.

And… If you want more, we can work together via Skype for one-on-one coaching. Of course, you always have the opportunity to mix and match the services offered.

Speaking At Your Next Event

I love to inspire and share what I know in a way that imparts actual things you can do at home or work. Like so many I’ve been the person in the audience saying, I can’t do that! Or worse, that was a waste of my time and money.

When I speak at events, it’s a sharing.

  • Imagine feeling excited not overwhelmed.
  • Imagine receiving the tools to take action, not feeling depressed because you don’t know what to do next.
  • Imagine thinking ‘yeah, I can do this’ instead of ‘I’m not smart enough, too old, too young, not pretty ‘

My goal as a speaker is to give you inspiration and tools. Not to talk down to you or leave you feeling that you can’t possibly do something. I love connecting with people and sharing my story, and helping you conquer your past ‘story’ so you can create the life story you desire.

Ready to learn how to turn your pantry into a super power or how to build a career from home? Your group will find I customize my presentations.

Some of the topics I can provide insightful, fun yet educational growth.


Creating a Kitchen for food fun and health

It was you and me, and now we’re three!

Living happier and healthier [ for professionals, couples, or singles]

Living up to your inner potential without fear

Amazing Relationships for real people. [business, personal]


Becoming a leader without ruling [ great for all relationships]

Having a truly inspired career

Being a Creative Entrepreneur or Employee

One On One Coaching Via Skype

There are times you just need to talk with me. Things get rocky, or you feel so far from center that you might have a question or two. These are common questions or mentoring topics.

  • Where do I start?
  • I’m not a person who can cook so how do I start?
  • My story keeps stalling me at ‘point _______’ what can I do?
  • My weight loss is stalled what can I do? What is possibly causing it?
  • I have this business I want to do from home, but I’m unsure how to start.
  • My self-esteem is shot, but I want to: have better relationships, a better career, or stop feeling afraid to take that next step.
  • 1-1 coaching/mentoring packages are available for many more topics.

My 75-minute sessions are perfect help you get moving in the right direction, create clear goals, and move from one place in your life to the next.

From time to time I offer coaching packages at a discount to those who get my emails. Be sure to sign-up for my newsletter to receive great savings on all my programs.

Office Lunch Hour

Are you a professional working in an office? Why not have me join you and others for a fun 45-minute interactive ‘lunch date’?

Eating is a large part of our life, and people go through their whole life not knowing how great they can feel. These mini-workshops are cost-effective for your employer and company.

If you’re an employer or employee contact my team to see what delicious things we have in store for you. These lunches reflect many of the topics listed on this page.

Cooking Classes For Busy People Who Love Food

There’s not much to say! Gather your friends or family and let’s have a cooking party! Your home or mine. We’ve even done these at rental kitchens for small gatherings.

Sorry, this is only available locally unless you provide travel and lodging. Inquire with my team.

Disclaimer. None of my work is medical advice or health care. All health-related information is for educational purposes only.

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Ready to get started? My schedule is available online here. Discover if Virtual Spiritual And Wellness Coaching is right for you.

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