Let’s keep this simple.

I want you to succeed on your journey. Because of this, I offer complimentary stuff along with a premium membership club and various courses to ensure your success. Life gets messy that’s the reason you’re here, right?  Maybe it’s all relationships from work to home and back again. Perhaps it’s just time because you know you have to do something different and this fits you.

The bottom line is we know it’s about choices, beliefs, and how we deal with things that come up. Does it seem hard to figure it out or keep it straight?  Do you start out super motivated but then wish you had more support or something daily to keep you excited? That’s how you work with me. We begin where you are and move forward.

Are You Ready To Get Your Toes Wet?

Enhanced Living Premium Membership

I’ve found over the years that some folks are ready to seriously change their life and stop settling for where they are. Because of this, I offer a 6-month Enhanced Living premium membership.

A Private Membership!

Over six months, you’ll have new material given to you on six areas of life and relationships to help you shift your life from just settle to stellar. This is for professionals and those looking for personal growth too. You can be an entrepreneur, startup, employee or employer, heck it’s great if you’re retired, or you’re a mom or dad! That’s because what we work with also helps you personally and professionally. We target business and personal success tips and the way it’s all based on relationships. It’s about how success in your life may be planting a great garden or growing your new startup!

With A Monthly Coaching Call

It’s tools that you place in action to increase productivity, focus, or to get clear on the thing you want to work on whether it’s something to do with business success or being happy in your life. A bonus feature is a monthly open Coaching call!

Get started and find out more about this almost daily motivation, tools, and tips membership.

One – One Coaching

Life Shift Coaching comes in a variety of packages to fit you and your goals. If you’re a member of our premium membership, you will receive a discount!

Packages range from 3 to 12 months. Also available is a mastermind group of 2-4 people. These are all online, by phone, Zoom/Skype. Build connections with other like-minded people around the world.


We will launch in 2018 our courses. They will include live calls, webinars, a member’s only area and much more.

These are:

Complimentary Works

You’re special, and your learning style is too. To help you I have free materials online. These are podcasts, articles, or videos and the surprise from time to time.

Here are the links to some awesome stuff.

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