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Debra Arko

Thank you for your interest in writing for us. We accept guest author articles that meet our guidelines.  We do not pay for articles or submissions.

We’re honored that you want to write for us and share your knowledge while gaining readership. Let’s see if it’s a good fit. Below are how you can write on one or both of our two websites. You will also be featured on our Facebook page, LinkedIn groups and other social media to promote you and the genre you write.


Are you an author in the genre of personal growth, meditation, or spiritual wisdom? You may be a perfect fit to guest blog. http://debraarko.com

personal growthOur goal is to serve the public with high-value content. This content should assist or move the reader in some way.

This is a website about self-growth, personal awareness, mindset, beliefs, joy, peace, Inspiration, and yes Spirituality. It is not about religion, however.
Religious articles or content that in any way does not promote the well-being of the human race and the planet is not considered.

We invite content that guides, informs, and enlightens the reader on these topics.

  • Personal or Self-Growth
  • Awareness
  • Mediation
  • Mindset – Values – Beliefs
  • Your Personal Growth Story
  • Releasing Your Past – Living In The Present
  • Goal Setting – Time Management
  • Clarity, Focus, Or Life Purpose
  • Peace, Harmony, Joy, Spirituality
  • “How to” in these areas do great!
  • Other similar thoughts are welcome!

Accent On Health WellnessHealth

Everything about health and wellness is welcome! We’re excited to help the reader through topics of health tips, and health stories. Here is a list of articles we would like to share with our readers. The website is both a local and global attention getter. This website gets a lot of traffic and awareness whether you’re a local or national author of health related material.

  • About Health Or Illness such as modalities. Ex: “Hot Flashes – 3 Home Cures.”
  • Recipes
  • Health News, Or Health Tips
  • Stories About Your Health Journey
  • Fitness
  • Food
  • Mind-Set
  • Other Themes Related To Wellness And Health And More.

Basic Submission and GuidelinesMindset

  1. Articles must be more than 400 words and less than 1200 words.
  2. Please supply your own images with copyright attached at the bottom of the article – stating you own the rights to the image.
  3. We accept original first publication articles. You may republish the article elsewhere with the byline ‘Original publication: http:.//debraarko.com’.
  4. If you are asking to publish an article secondary with us, we reserve the right to not publish it. We prefer first publications. A byline to the original will be included though not hyperlinked to all second publications. We don’t publish third and beyond unless you are a well-noted authority in your genre.
  5. You always retain Full Rights to all your own material. We want your business to flourish. This is a website meant to serve the readers and authors alike. We want you to write more than once for our website.
  6. We don’t do editing or grammar, please make sure your article is print ready.
  7. Please include a bio about yourself. This is where you can place ONE hyperlink to a well-designed Your bio can be 300 Characters. It can not be a forum link, or a free blogger account [in general] or a product landing page. If you have a picture [50X50 px] of yourself to use, please include that along with all other images.
  8. These Articles Must Have Citations If You Are Writing about a health condition. Use common sense. If you’re making claims that green tea is a longevity tea – back it up with citations to research or leading authorities in the field. The same can go for any publication; an article on yoga may cite “Yoga Journal” as a reference.Lifestyle
  9. We do not accept content that contains profanity, inflammatory writing or comments, negative, or presents destructive emotions or feelings. However, you can write on how such emotions and feelings can affect a person or others. Still we reserve the right to not publish if the content is not a good fit.
  10. No PLR, no spun content, or anything that when we check with Copyscape says it is Plagiarism. We understand it is hard to write fresh new content but if it smack of Plagiarism it is not used
  11. We accept article ready to print in MS Word, HTML, or similar format. You may format your article with headers. Please supply 1-3 keyword phrases you wish are optimizing. No keyword stuffing. We do check for this. Use quality content and write for the reader. We will tag the keyword/phrases. Your bio will contain your name as the keyword.

How to Submit Your Articlewrite for us

Email: moreinfo@debraarko.com

Be sure you have your article attached and your images too.

Include in the subject line: Guest Posting

In the body: Include your full name, phone, and your website. If you are published elsewhere, include a one or more links.

We make sure you’re a real person.

Depending on how many articles we have to review your post could be up withing 5 to 15 days commonly. We do email you when published and ask that you also promote it!

Let Debra Write For Your Website

****If you wish to inquire about Debra guest writing an article for your website please make your request using the submission email. She is always honored to contribute to your growth and success. She is available to speak also at your event.  Email: moreinfo@debraarko.com****.

Happy Writing, we look forward to a long relationship with our authors,



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