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Let’s Talk about life

I’m still on a journey to find out more about life and myself. Aren’t we all? I started this blog over a decade ago. Finally, I think I know what to write.

Most of my eating style is Paleo. But there’s the part of me that just bought that piece of banana cake because it reminds me of my mom and when I was young. I want to write about being real and human.

Get To Know Me…


I’m a licensed health care provider enjoying helping others through acupuncture and functional medicine. I’m the first to admit; it’s hard to know what will work when you’re in pain or getting older. Everyone is different. It’s not a formula; it’s a journey my patients and I go on. That’s why this blog.

I Make You A Deal…


If my writing ‘falls’ into the alternative medicine realm, you’ll find that fact-based, science-based stuff over on Accent On Health Wellness. I say this with tongue in cheek because what is fact-based today may not be tomorrow! Science is a living moving exploration of life. It’s complicated and messy; this thing called medicine. It’s not cut-and-dried like we all wish.

Why this blog?  It’s me. It’s you if you’re like me. It’s the place where I write about food and exercise. It’s where I share mindset stuff and spiritual aha’s. This is where I take my journey and hope you find something that makes your path lighter, healthier, and joyful.

A Touch On The Woo-Woo Side

Let’ me touch on that woo-woo word – Spiritual. In full discloser, I am a licensed Spiritual Practitioner. Yes, I’m more than qualified to talk about mindset or those ah-ha moments when you realize there’s a better choice. Did I mention, sometimes our belief about life sucks. We need to make changes?

My latest Writing

Breath Deep Detox Without Dieting

If I were to tell you that you can detox without dieting would you believe me?  You can and it only takes 3 things – well really only 2. Detoxifying helps you lose weight, reduce stress, and have more energy. Did I mention sleep better?  It also rewards you with...

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The Art of Sharing Your Knowledge And Being Human

Getting People To Like, Know, and Trust You There’s an art of sharing your knowledge with others. Whether you’re in person or creating an information product, getting people to like, know and trust you is vital. It’s about being human and putting yourself in their...

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Starting An Online Business Stinks

It's All About Your Idea Online business stinks.  The problem with starting an online business is there’s no easy place to begin. You start with your idea. What is your idea or expertise that you want to share? Who are people that are looking for you? It drove me...

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