Can The Law Of Attraction Help You?

law of attractionAs you stroll through life with its ups and downs, have you ever thought; there has to be a better way? Rest assured, there is and we have it in these twelve steps.  New Age thinkers call it the Law of Attraction.  Whatever we think about we attract, good or bad.  It’s the power of the universe and there is nothing new about it. 

The Law or LOA has been in use since Moses’s time if we look at his story. Whether we pray, mediate, or believe in some invisible source most of us believe there is someone out there to help us realize our dreams. So how do we use this ability to achieve or get what we desire?

Some would say it’s in the way we ask or pray. While others believe it’s a mindset. Regardless, these 12 ways  to use the law of attraction to improve your life can have you manifesting the things you desire.

12 Ways To Lock Into The Law Of Attraction

  1. When you focus on something you cause it to happen good or bad.
  2. Just by thinking about something you invite it in and it begins to grown in your subconscious.
  3. The more you focus on something the more powerful it becomes resulting in its manifestation.
  4. Don’t overthink your decisions, let your intuition guide you in making decisions
  5. Focus your attention on what you want and desire and feel positive emotions toward that thought.
  6. Think and focus on the way you want things to be and not on the way they are at the moment.
  7. Spend fifteen minutes every day thinking about the positives you wish for in your life.
  8. Anyone at any time can be successful in every area of his or her life without limiting anyone else.
  9. Think about what you want and not what you don’t have.
  10. Stop watching or reading negative energy such as topics of illness or injuries.
  11. Relationships suffer from negative thoughts, and you attract bad relationships by bad thoughts
  12. Dreams provide insight. Use them to guide you to your desired result or outcome.

Improving your life through focused thinking is the easiest and most enjoyable way to change your life for the better.  Powerful thinking and acting your way into a new way of living will have profound results. Sooner or later you will be seeking bigger and better manifestations.