Month: June 2013


Working With The Obstacles In Your Path

We all have certain things that at times stand in the way of success.

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Setting Goals: Oprah Says, ‘Start Dreaming Today’

Oprah Winfrey, one of the most positive and successful women in the world takes a minute to let us all know what it takes to fulfill our dreams.

Attract Your Soul Mate

One Little Secret To Attract Your Soul Mate

One key is a strong desire for a loving relationship. We have to have a burning desire for something if we want to have it enter our lives.

Optimistic Thoughts

Revolutionizing You Through Optimistic Thoughts And Feelings

What we think we feel and how we feel and think is what we attract in our life. Is your glass half full or half empty?

positive thinking

Grow your Business with Positive Thinking

Keeping a positive attitude and outlook at all times is crucial to the success of any business

Abraham Hicks ~ Mirror, mirror on the wall

How many hours out of your day do you spend trying to please everyone else above yourself?

Positive Thinking [Video]

Sometimes we forget that being positive in all aspects of our lives helps establish our happiness.

12 Ways the Law of Attraction Can Improve Your Life

As you stroll through life with its ups and downs, have you ever thought; there has to be a better way?