When You Should Listen To Negativity


Have you noticed an undercurrent in your life or business? It’s that spot where it’s just above the whining and complaining. Often it’s referred to as negative comments. Should you turn it off or listen? I believe there are 3 Reasons You Should Listen To Negativity.

1. It’s The “Inside Scoop”

If you’re a business owner, it can be hard to know what is on the minds of your employees, independent contractors, or clients. You can hear it in their voice or see it in their body language. These are cues to ask questions. Listen to negativity without judgment.

A client may share their insights.  Your employees may want to discuss their feelings. This opens the door for you to listen.  Let them tell you what they want to share. Don’t be thinking about how best to reply, just listen.

Listen To Negativity

2. There’s Probably Some Truth In There

Once they have finished talking, ask yourself if there is some truth to what they said. Let them know you are thinking by thanking them for sharing and tell them you are thinking about what they shared.

You may need more time to respond. If this is the case, then set a time to talk more on this topic. Remember there is always something to learn. Ask yourself what deeper understanding you can gain from their comments.

You may find that a client told you they feel rushed.  It might be time to hire an Online Business Manager to help get things done on time. When you listen to negativity, as learning and growing experiences instead of from a place of resistance, you benefit.

Employees and independent contractors should feel comfortable talking with you. They come to your business from a different viewpoint. One client saved her business listening to suggestions on time management issues.

3. It Forces Us As Leaders To Take A Hard Look In The Mirror


We all own a mirror. How often do you look into it and smile at yourself? As a leader of your life or your business, each day you should do this. Then, it’s easier to take that hard look in the mirror when you want to grow and stop resisting change in your life. It is called greeting the leader within.

When you chose to listen, you are not saying it’s okay to complain. You are not condoning whining. Be clear with staff and support that you will listen to negativity when it comes with the belief from everyone that it will create benefits.

Can you apply this in your personal life?  You bet!