Small Business Success Can Be Made Possible By Using An Engagement Marketing Cyclesocial-the-engagement-cycle

Just today I spoke with a new prospective client who told me he got little out of a social media service. He had used them for close to one year and not one single call that’s when I asked did you ever engage with anyone on your social media accounts? You know his answer it was no! Too often we forget we are the ones that must talk to your connections and a service just can’t do this. 

Small business success can be achieved and can be multiplied a hundred fold when there is repeat business and word-of-mouth.  Social media has proven its effectiveness and amazing power in building a connection between your business and its target market but you can’t think of it as a buyer market and expect sells directly from it. 

Business reports from the UK show that by using Facebook alone, small businesses were able to increase their fan-base  promote their business organization, find new customers, and generate repeat buyers.  Engagement is crucial in this process.  Keeping your target marketing engaged in social media is one the best ways to pull them in and keep them coming back for more. In other words, it got people talking about you and wanting to know more. 


Here are 3 ways to keep the wheels of engagement marketing cycle going round and round, and watch it roll towards your small business success.

When customers go “WOW”, they’re most likely to keep coming back for more.  Create an impact, a good first impression with your customers, but make sure it is backed-up by a genuine and excellent product or service experience.

A happy customer would most likely want to hear from you again, to see what else you’ve got to offer.  Thus, stay in touch through social media channels or other online platforms like email marketing. Or offer them something valuable that would make them come back like discount coupons, or after-sales information. This is key – stay in touch with clients through social media. 

Share with them content that they would want to share to their friends.  Encourage them to comment, like, and share or re-tweet, re-pin…Content that has gone viral is a winner in giving your small business or brand great exposure. To engage your current clients you first have to get them onto your Facebook page or other social media like Pinterest. Ask them if you can contact them through this venue and then do so inviting them to join or like your page. 







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