Why Online Business Leaders Should Be Writing On LinkedIn

Writing is fluid and brings out who we are. It also helps us connect with others. If we are honest with ourselves, we hope to influence others gently as we inform. Our ultimate goal is to inspire others in some way as we reach out to the world.

Yes, there’s a bottom line of get business and have prosperity. When we bring forth that authenticity, we are about more than profits.

Writing On LinkedIn

As an author, you receive gifts of focus, clarity of your purpose, and a sense of giving to others in a different way. In essence, you grow.

It causes you to set goals.

The Goals Of Publishing On LinkedIn

Create A Larger Audience. A new term for an old idea around the web is ‘thought leadership’. People love to know what other people think. If you post about something they think is interesting they like it or share it. Both help you build your audience.

There’s more to leadership. You have to know where you’re going. Focus is important, if you want to keep your audience engaged. I wear two hats in my career.

I am a licensed health care provider with an active health practice in a local community and online business marketing. The later appears unrelated since I author, speak, mentor on motivation, leadership, goals, and help others create online products and services.

The key is my genre of expertise in the space of health, wellness, fitness, and mindset. All active parts of my local acupuncture and alternative health care clinic!

To Increase Traffic To Your Web Site

Writing On LinkedIn

Clever Images Tell A Story


LinkedIn is a great place to get specific with your market. Traffic that has no interest in your niche is not quality traffic. You can drive traffic through LinkedIn based on their location, occupation, and other information to your website or offer.

This blog for instance boasts a 50% increase in traffic when I publish to LinkedIn.

Since I want traffic to my acupuncture and fitness blog too, making sure I connect with people who are local and interested in these topics drives the traffic to that website: http://acudocdeb.com

Brand and Credibility

There is no doubt you build brand awareness the more often you are seen. Credibility comes from having your name out there and acquiring the right connections to move your business forward. It’s not, Who you know, but who KNOWS you.

Create a strategy, map it out and go to work. It takes time to build a brand. Creditability happens when you are noticed.

We Discover Things In Our Writing

When we set a goal to publish regularly to LinkedIn, we discover where to place images, links in our copy, and what topic our audience wants to read. The caveat, you have to track your findings. One way is to make Microsoft Excel™ your best friend if that works for you.

What have I learned from writing on LinkedIn? Quality, focus, consistency, and engagement all matter equally.

In my next article, I share my 10 LinkedIn Publisher Checklist Tips.