A Woman On Top Needs Support. Get Advice from Other Women Entrepreneurs


Advice for Women EntrepreneursAdvice for Women Entrepreneurs is hard to find online. Women in the workplace are quite common, yet only a handful are women entrepreneurs.  In spite of this, women have managed to lead and excel in their respective fields of business. They become role models.  They serve to inspire and empower other women who want to pursue the same path.   It’s simply amazing how they can achieve work life balance.  It’s astonishing how they can mobilize a task force of employees and manage and nurture a family.  How’d they do that?!  Women should get a lot of support.  Giving practical advice for women entrepreneurs could definitely come in handy.

Most women entrepreneurs willingly share their stories and learning based on their experiences.  Here are common nuggets of insights and advice they give to aspiring women entrepreneurs.

4 Pieces Of Practical Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

1. Connect and build a network. Have the confidence to reach out to women (and also men) entrepreneurs you look up to.  Inviting them over for a cup of coffee just to talk about their professional and personal experiences is something most of them are willing to do.  You may be surprised that they can be so accommodating in spite of their busy schedules.  It could be a rewarding mentor-ship session for you, and they appreciate you sharing your ideas with them as well.

2. Others can help.  We are fortunate to have organizations built to support women entrepreneurs in various ways — financial support, sourcing investors, mentor-ship  skill improvement, peer groups, networking…These are just some of the valuable resources they offer.  Enlist yourself. Join their activities.  Seek for their help and support.  

3. Funding is important. The rise of female customers in start-up businesses, especially in e-commerce, has caught the attention of investors or venture capitalists.  Thus a woman entrepreneur can leverage on this trending.  A woman entrepreneur can have a better pulse on what women customers want.  Reach out to these investors and government agencies will to grant funds to women entrepreneurs.

4. Be a mover and a shaker.  Being a woman entrepreneur entails leadership skills.  Develop it as you deal with your team and with others as well.  A younger or starting woman entrepreneur may be looking up to you and may want to reach out for some advice.  Pay it forward.  Share what you have learned from others and from your own experiences.  It’s a networking tool as well, and you’ll feel good about yourself, being able to give back to a next generation of entrepreneurs.