Are Your Facebook Fans Actually Seeing or Reading Your Posts?  Increase Your Chances of Being Present in the Newsfeeds of Your Facebook Fans

 The night I started looking into research on what is called Edge Rank I didn’t sleep. Then it his me, how could I increase my chances of being seen on FB? 

Facebook is such a busy place!  How can you be sure that your fans stop, look, and read your posts?  How can you rise above the newsfeed jam and get noticed by your fans? You have to expand your territory, increase the reach of your Facebook page postsFacebook page feed

Day in and day out, minute to minute, your news feed never stops feeding you the ‘ latest updates’.  If you’re a business maintaining a Facebook page, what are the chances that your fans are actually reading or at have at least seen your posts?  Facebook statistics say only a maximum of 16% of your total Facebook likes / fans will be able to view your posts. Gasp!  Don’t worry there are 4 steps to easily increase the reach of your Facebook page posts.

Understanding Facebook’s system is key to getting your way around making your posts visible to your fans. Facebook’s ‘unspoken’ rule of engagement lies in the fact that the more a user interacts with your page, the more likely the user can get and view your posts on their news-feeds   So engage your fans in a conversation or interaction with your page.  Your content or type of post get different levels of treatment.  Photos, videos, links, and text — in this specific order, get the most to least exposure on newsfeeds.  Timing is of the essence.  The newest batch of posts normally get more exposure on the news-feeds  Yet a post that has more engagement lasts for hours on the newsfeeds on your Facebook page posts.  As a rule of thumb, a post has about a news-feed shelf-life of 3 hours.

Engagement, content, and timing — get the right mix and follow these 4 Steps to Easily Increase the Reach of Your Facebook Page Posts:

1. Engage your fans by posting stuff that are aligned with their interests, their queries, their sense of humor. Give away free goodies related to your business or your products itself for them to try out.  Engaging posts should be dynamic and active.  Never rest on your laurels.

2. Photos, videos — make their eyes pop.  Give them a reason to say ‘wow’ and share it with their friends on their Facebook page posts.

3. Timing is of essence.  Post during the time that most of them are online.  They’re most likely to see and interact with your posts when they’re plugged-in.

4. Use Facebook advertising to seek out uncharted territories or potential fans that make a good match for your product or service.  Facebook offers ad services that you can set within your budget.

Finally if you are posting your latest blog update, consider taking the image from that post and uploading it or a great image of a garden or lake and upload that rather than posting just your link. Remember when you insert your link it pops up a ‘serp’ or teaser of your article. This can be seen in Google’s eyes as duplicate content so I always remove this and go for my own photo or video upload (YouTube is okay so far in 2012) and then the link.  If adding text, you can use a cool quote that relates, or a question that your article answers. 





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