Don’t Let Your Desk Hinder Your Productivitynews_on_digital_devices_40_clr_9552

As a solopreneur you want nothing but success for yourself. Sometimes when you’re flying solo you are stuck at your desk because you know that hard work and dedication to your craft are exactly what made you successful.

Now you are finding that even though you are trying to stick to you time management plan you are feeling overwhelmed and just can’t seem to get away from your desk for anything other than the quick bathroom break or to help a customer.

 Your Desk Could Be To Blame For Lack Of Productivity

This infographic helps explain how your desk can actually be the reason that you are distracted. Are there are ton of papers sitting on your desk right now? Take them off and start with a few things at a time. Seeing large stacks of papers means a lot of tasks to complete and can be overwhelming.

What about the clock? Are you finding yourself peaking at the clock every five minutes? Take it out of your office or put it in a place that isn’t so easy to see. You may just find that time passes faster when you’re not watching it so often.

Don’t let your desk be the reason that you find yourself feeling like you’re not accomplishing anything. Instead of feeling like you’re chained to it use the great tips in this infographic to see if you are guilty of these 4 bad desk habits.

Is Your Desk Destroying Your Productivity?