Becoming More Self-Confident

5 empowering ways nature I’ve long recommended getting out into nature daily though it’s hard to do if you live in the city or work surrounded by concrete. More cities are making certain flora plays a part in their street designs because research[1] shows humans need to commune with mother nature daily. The plant environment can teach you to be more self-confident. Business leaders can find these 5 empowering ways nature teaches us about personal success.

I use a meditation with my clients of trees. Trees and humans have many similarities. They can help us be more self-confident. These five gems hold the key to empowering ways to achieve more in your life.

5 Empowering Ways Nature Helps Us

  1. Be Tall Accepting Yourself Self-Confident

I use to think I was ordinary and I bet you do too. You are unique there is no one else like you. Look around; you may look similar to your family but I’m talking about who you are inside You’re special. While you may possess the same eye or hair color, your unique self is a spark of what I call God light. Live and approve of your whole self warts and all. This means accepting you’re like everyone else; on a journey making errors or mistakes and getting other things right. Confidence comes when we remember to stand tall like an Oak tree. If this sapling had a mind to worrying about how it grew it would be bent; branches misconfigured, or leaves that lackluster perhaps. Trees know they are to grow tall and straight and do so because nature blueprinted them that way.

What if you have a birth blueprint too? One that says you’re unique, beautiful, and self-confident? Then life ‘under-nourishes’ you. Unlike the tree that may grow bent, you can choose to stand tall and receive your full self at any time.

It’s a day at a time event. Standing tall begins with looking at yourself in the mirror and take a moment to look into your own eyes. Know you’re perfect as you are. Forgive yourself for anything you hold against yourself and say, “I love you.”

  1. Build Deep Roots5 empowering ways nature

Everything needs nourishment, especially trees. They grow deep roots and gain their sustenance from the rich contents of the earth. Without these roots, their massive trunk and willowy branches would tumble over. Where are you getting your food to hold you up? I’m not talking about vegetables, I am talking about actual sustenance. Food for self-growth, and meditation. It’s important to read the right material, attend personal growth workshops, and turn inward and listen to your intuition.

I read and write books in the field of self-growth. I attend and provide workshops that develop the person. Then there’s meditation. Take time each day to let go of the day and just listen. I do this first thing in the morning and welcome the day ahead. I watch the sun rise; close my eyes and listen to soft music knowing that the rest of day might be full but, this time, is peace. Then I contemplate anything that came to mind during the meditation. This usually is from my intuition and right on target. Many successful ideas have sprung from this time.


  1. Spread Your Arms Toward The Sky

Self-Confident people take action on their ideas. They weigh their choices for a time and then they spread their arms and reach for the sky just like the limbs of lush trees.

They don’t buy into ‘limited’ offers or ideas. They check in with their gut-feeling and they do research. When they make a decision, it is an informed one.

Think of a choice you made because you felt pressure or that you would miss out. Did it turn out the way you wanted? Most often these do not unless you take the time to actually sit and listen internally. Not to the voice that is hurried or telling you ‘this is your big chance!’ Empowering conclusions are reviewed for the weight of the risk and the measure of the various outcomes

People who are self-confident like majestic trees don’t build on a rocky foundation usually. Make sure you write out the pros and cons of the risk and the various outcomes. Ask yourself what Einstein would say. “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

If your thinking is the same, then you are not ready for the action at this time. Step back and spend time working with a personal development professional. It’s a better investment for you.

  1. Be Flexible In Times Of High Winds

windy day

Do you believe life is only hard for people that think it is hard? This statement is partly true. We do create the world around us through our thoughts. For nearly a century science has proved this but there is more to it than our thoughts have power. It’s the actions or in-actions we take that change the weather pattern of our life.


Part of this life experience is to grow and you decide when you have had enough. Staying in troubling relationships is a choice. Staying in a career that affects your health is a choice. You may think differently and you are also correct.


Living is hard work yet your selections have placed you where you are now. I had a client who didn’t believe she could leave a rocky marriage. She had to be flexible and decide to stay in the relationship or leave. High winds can last a lifetime or you can bend like the limbs of a large tree with the wind and wait the storm out. Her husband got the needed help for his PTSD and they are still married. There are windy days still. They both invested in personal development and know how to make these times a breeze.


  1. Trust Yourself

Trees begin from a small seed like an idea. Fed right and taken care of they grow into majestic shade bearers. Ideas that occur in your intuition or gut usually originate from our higher self. The part of ourselves that when we stop and always listen empowers us. Some call this inner wisdom God.

The truth of yourself is that you know more than you think you do. A great coach can listen and help you reveal the essence of who you are. Empowering yourself is a one on one job. Others can support you as the real ‘self’ must emerge.

The tree grows from a tiny seed knowing it can do exactly what it was meant to do; be a tree. You know what you are – be it. Nature has many examples of how you can be more self-confident. I hope these 5 empowering ways open new methods to achieve success in your world.

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