It’s That Wonderful Time of The Year to Boost Sales!  5 Holiday Marketing Ideas For A Great Sale

 Businesses that don’t take advantage of this time of year are missing out on the opportunity be seen and gain brand recognition. Think about it, can’t you already hear the carolers on the street corners…

‘Tis the season to go shopping, fa-la-la-la-la…’ Staholiday marketing ideasrting October 31 until the end of this year, it’s high time for small businesses like you to bring out your holiday marketing ideas to take action our your marketing plans now. It’s that wonderful time of the year when your cash register will go ‘ca-ching! ca-ching!’, accounting for 20 to 40% of your total sales for the year.  If you’ve messed around until now this year don’t think it’s too late to take advantage of the season. Start your plan now and begin with the how and why of your marketing for the rest of this year. Let your holiday marketing ideas make this a great year for your business. 

People are all on shopping modes, and your competitors know that.  Everybody wants attention. Stores and products are saying ‘buy me!’ in-your-face.  With all the marketing noise  around, how can you standout and make your target customers pick you out from the rest? It’s as simple as using a few good ideas. 


Here are 5 marketing ideas fit for the holiday shopping sale season:

1.  There’s no better time than now.  The early bird catches the worm.  If you’re first in mind, most likely, you’ll be top of mind.  So why not  start drafting that holiday newsletter campaign right now? Yes you heard me right get your direct mail or as many these days call it, snail mail newsletter out to your clients and prospects. Start talking about the number of weeks left in this year and what they want to get done.


As always appeal to their pains and pleasures. You could have a year-end sale starting now on spa services at 50% off and each week they wait to pre-pay for 2013 the price goes up a percentage until the last week of the year. This idea works for salons, hardware stores on select winter tools, and even cosmetic doctors who can offer certain products or services for this year-end special. 

2.  Use the Amazon online marketplace to showcase your products.  Online shoppers do lots of shopping research at Amazon.  If your marketing budget permits, you may opt to advertise on as well. I always put all my books on sale at 1/2 off until the end of the year! In fact my paperback Unleash Your Hidden Potential is on sale already!

3,  Give your customers wider options by offering gift cards.  Statistics show that gift cards have consistently  topped survey for holiday wish lists.  Your customers may want to give presents that would allow the recipient  freedom to choose what they really want for themselves. Some bank cards can give you super discounts on these cards so don’t be afraid to ask your merchant account company. 

4.  Create video demos about your product.  People want to see your product out of the box.  One of the best ways to convince your customers is to create a video to showing your product as genuinely attractive, useful, user-friendly, and functional.  People love videos and even non-professional videos can sell! If you own a local business, ask a customer to talk about a product they just bought and give them a discount for doing so. Be sure to get written permission to use the video. 

5.  Push and cross-sell your products on your website via a ‘gift ideas’ landing page.  People want choices. Showing them organized gift suggestions  makes the task of choosing easier and gives them a more pleasurable and hassle-free experience.  This is by far my favorite. We forget that a gift given is a new client to us. Help your customers refer you business by mentioning in your newsletter, on your website, social media, and at your payment counter special gift suggestions to make holiday shopping fun and easy.


Now I know you have ideas of your own or ones that have worked, why not share them here in the comments. I love learning from my readers and the joy of sharing that holiday marketing ideas can bring forth! 






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