Grow Your Twitter Why It’s Your Kid’s Social Media


 When you start using social media for your business you want to be able to grow your presence. Twitter use to remind me of Myspace. I thought it was something my kids used. After all, that’s the point of using the social media right? Wrong, today it’s the new marketing of small business and if you aren’t doing it you won’t be in business long. 

Grow your twitter

Growing your Twitter following is easy if you come to it with these 5 little know tips.

Most of the time people who begin using social media have no idea how to properly grow their following. Twitter is no different. There is a lot of buzz out there but don’t make it hard. This really is as simple as these steps. How deep you want to go with Twitter is up to you that is why we have several articles on the topic. While it may seem easy enough, there are actually 5 simple steps that you can apply to extend your reach.

Blast Your Business With Twitter

  •       Create frictionless sharing. While this concept may seem difficult, the reality is that many social media sites are already using it. Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn all allow you to tweet out what you are doing from their sites.
  •       Collect information from other people posting. This is a great tool and can not only help you increase your Twitter presence, but can also help you gain knowledge about what is working for others.
  •       Make your tweets automated. Not only should you automate what you are tweeting, you also need to be consistent. There are many different ways you can do this but keeping to a schedule is important.
  •       Make sure you are following people back. People want to know that you’re a real person. Stay consistent with your follow backs and comment on posts at least daily. This will help boost the truth people have in you and also gain you more followers.
  •       Build relationships with people that matter. Connect with people that are interested in what you are doing. They probably have similar business interests and can help you grow.

Twitter Is About Consistency

This is a big one building your Twitter is all about consistency. If you fail to be consistent in any part of your business you are setting yourself up for failure. Stick with it and build your business successfully with social media.