Visual Content Is Vital To Successful Marketing


Are you guilty of ‘hard-selling’ your product on your social media sites?  Guilty because this marketing practice is now frowned upon.  Your audience want something to talk about and interact with.  If you are just posting ‘buy me’, ‘buy this’, ‘buy that’ without being creative nor engaging, chances are, your customers are gonna walk out on you.  Visual content is one of the most effective ways to pull them in, look around, and make them stay.  Amanda Ryan, will give you 5 compelling reasons why visual content is a must in your social media marketing.  A picture paints a thousand words, so to speak.  It is a powerful tool to elicit reactions.  And once you touch an emotional chord, people love and easily share photos — thereby creating interest and building a connection with your captured and potential customers.  If they’re happy, the content becomes viral and your business reputation travels through word-of-mouth and ‘word-of -mouse’.  Always be thinking how can I make my content – visual content.



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