Give Your Web Video Interviews A Professional Look – Yes, You Can Do It Yourself!

 I remember the first time I tried to do a video for my business. My first take was a bit shaky and the sound was off because I had no one to guide me and no idea how to do a good interview. Today I do video interviews in my sleep so to speak. These 5 tips can help you start out with a professional looking video that costs you far less than the studio version would. If you’re thinking about doing regular videos to market your business this is good way to get started with this top marketing strategy that greats like Dan Kennedy, and Alex Mandossian recommend. First let’s talk more about why you want to seriously start using video interviews. 

Conducting web video interview sessions is one of the most effective ways to engage your online community and your small business prospects.  Thus, it is important that your videos look credible and professional.  The great thing about being in the digital age is that it is now more affordable and doable to set-up a DIY (do-it-yourself) home or office studio.  It may take some effort and trial and error, but  in the long run, you’ll find it more convenient and budget-friendly, without sacrificing quality and audience impact. 

Web Video Interviews

How To Set Up Your Studio for Web Video Interviews


1.  Set-up your studio with the following basic equipment — your computer or laptop, a camera, microphone, lighting, and background.  A plain, solid, and distraction-free background works best.  But if you feel the need for a background, make sure that it doesn’t hog the limelight away from you, as the focal point of the frame.  My studio is a white wall with a white board so I can write things out if I want. All I have in that area is a camera stand, lapel mic that I bought for 30.00, and the camcorder.  If you do interviews at workshops, conferences or outside the office the viewers expect the lighting and color to be a bit off. 

2. Shoot with a camera that could provide high quality video output, preferably HD.  It’s best to invest in high definition camera that may not only provide great videos, but good quality audio as well. I waited until a local store had a sale, though online you can find great buys for as low as 149.00! 

3.  It’s such a turn-off to be watching a video with bad audio, isn’t it? You may opt to invest in a USB microphone or a camera that can record great audio as well. Again if you go with a lapel mic that plugs into your camera make sure you have a jack on your camcorder. If you plan on using a USB mic then you are talking about more than the 30.00 I spent on my microphone at Microcenter. An FYI, I have a 300.00 mic that doesn’t work with my camcorder, this inexpensive one is the only on that works!

4. Proper lighting give your videos that professional look.  It need not cost you an arm and a leg.  At least two desk lamps are all you need to make a difference.  It eliminates shadows from your face, and makes colors come alive. 

5.  For the over all set-up, position your computer, your microphone, and camera at the proper angles to capture your voice and your image on the frame.  Tape copy paper in front of your desk lamps.  One desk lamp will serve as your main light; place it on one side.  The other desk lamp will be your fill light.  Place it on the opposite side, at an angle so as it would be less intense than your main light. I use my iPad rather than a computer  to run a free app called Teleprompter.

First I create a talking points files that I set on super slow and it scrolls along helping me stay on track and not forget a meaningful point. It’s really that simple and with time you feel like a pro because you are.

Are you ready for your close-up?  Lights, camera, action!




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