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Blogging is a great way for entrepreneurs to get noticed.

I remember the first day my writing coach looked over one of my articles. His words still ring in my head. “Tell a story, don’t report. Show the reader, don’t tell.

What did he mean? Women entrepreneurs are experts at stories right? After all it’s a female trait.

Blogging 101 for Women Entrepreneurs

It can be difficult to tell the difference between writing a story and just reporting. However it is important for success to tell a stories. It took me awhile to learn how to do this right. You can add value by blogging effective content that gets your message across. If done right, it can help your growth  and income.

Who – What – Where – Why – How [Where]

We’ve all heard that journalists use the big 5  when writing a story. It is also what the top fiction writers, Politian’s, and experts use to get their story told or message in the hands of their listeners. This is part of  becoming the expert within.

6 Questions To Ask

Ask yourself who is this blog post for? When you write you should be forming a mental image of the person. Are they young, old, male, or female? How do they look, what is their life and profession? Why do they need this information? What pain or pleasure situation in their lives does it answer? Where are the challenges in their life? Have a mental imagine.

What problem does your client have? Once you know this focus the article on solving this problem or helping them with action steps they can take a step closer to their goals.

Know why you feel this post is important. What is motivating you to write this story or post? Is it for profit or to further brand your business, perhaps its’ a personal reason? Know the answer so you stay focused. Women entrepreneurs often skip this step. It doesn’t end here though. The why should connect with the problem your readers experience.entrepreneurs

Where is your blog shared? Plan to share your posts in social media. Blogs that are not shared consistently fall to that deep dark place in Google never to be found again. Also, ask yourself, will my current clients see this. Use and auto-responder like Aweber to keep customers up-to-date.

When will each post be published? What time of day is my audience online? I recommend using WordPress and their schedule feature to publish your posts. Take advantage of Buffer or other automation to get the word out to Twitter and Facebook.

How will this add value to my readers? Above all this is the most important thing to know before you pick up that pen and write. If at the end of the day, the people who read your article feel they wasted their time they won’t be back. It has to offer something they can use now, today. Be motivating or inspiring helping others create their own system or process.

To be effective with blog marketing your posts must have a solid strategic structure.

So what did my coach years ago mean? Add value, help people with what you write. Words are power and use that power to help others by creating effective blog posts like other top women entrepreneurs.