How do super productive people succeed at getting everything done daily?  I don’t like to overstress about all I need to do in a day though I consider myself industrious and fruitful. The secrets to meeting your goals lie in these 7 habits.  You can use these habits to lose weight, reverse aging, or get ahead in your career. super productive people

I’m not the only person who is creatively meeting the demands of their career daily, many wake at 5 a.m. no snooze button. First thing for many is meticulously written to-do lists or a review of the one they planned out the night before. I personally do a quick template for a few months in my calendar and then modify it the day before to meet new goals.

Below are the 7 habits of super-productive people that seamlessly guide me through a productive day and they can do it for you too!

Top Ranked 7 Habits of Super-Productive People

  1. Living a cleaner life

Another general trick is keeping your work area so clean you could eat off of it. There have been times I do that with nuts just because I can.  If you can’t, then you might not be able to see your desk. These two ideas aren’t the habits though that make most people super productive they’re tips that gear you up for developing habits.

Habits don’t mean you multitask at the speed of light. It’s not a secret method to breeze through a pile of paperwork. There are no super powers just healthy ways to move through your day and be on task without stress pushing you on.

Creativity doesn’t always do best on a messy desk or work area. It doesn’t scream, “I productive” according to research Jason Jennings who specializes in Productivity. He goes on to say, “A productive person simply does it, and then gets rid of it.”  They don’t clutter their area, it’s not inspiring. If you’re working to lose weight after 50 I found cleaning out the refrigerator and cabinets helpful! Get rid of foods that don’t meet your 30-day challenge.

7 habits

Smart small business owners measure success and practice time management

  1. Schedule Everything Even Family Life

If you think about it, you know what you’re doing tomorrow. It may be get up, go to work, exercise and then come home and eat dinner. Super-Productive people go a step beyond the basics. The create a sequence for the day of events. Many of us call this ‘the list’ of what things you must get done.

Outlook is everything, all 7 habits of super-productive people are made with the mindset that you are accomplishing something worthy of you; even if it’s doing the dishes or laundry. Also, they include personal and family life. When my husband and I did our first weight loss challenge, we scheduled in who and what we would cook for each meal for instance. It worked too!

I block out certain days and times that are first filled with time spent with my husband, then if this period remains I fill it with friendship deepening. This can be ‘me’ time too! I make sure I do regular massages and visit with other women who I deem friends. Going out to cultural events with other couples ranks high for us. Giving back by volunteering also is planned into the monthly and quarterly calendar with work time planned around charitable time, not the other way around!

An attitude of gratitude seems to have a multiplying effect of beautiful things for us to be thankful for coming to us in return.

  1. Putting One Foot In Front Of The Other

Are you a procrastinator?  Most of us have moments that we are! It can be the task or emotional feelings that cause us to delay. If your goal is to lose weight after 50 don’t wait another week. Start today.

An ancient Zen saying, “it’s just a matter of getting things done; I simply put one foot in front of the other.”

We complicate things in our mind. It’s really as simple as taking a step. What is the first thing you need to do?  If you need to set up an appointment with a prospect, you have to know what you want to say. Then pick up the phone and call.

When a task seems intimidating, break it down into bite-size actions.

7 habits

7 Habits – Do You Follow These?

  1. Email Is The Last Thing You Do

People who check email all day long are 50% less productive or more!  Super productive people check email 2 to 3 times daily.

They don’t even clean up their email or dupe the email trash. Remember the list?  I schedule a time to check email allowing about 15 minutes, including filtering emails to trash and junk, even unsubscribing.

Any emails I need to send I write in draft saving to send later. When I go back in I, review these, edit, and send. Any new emails get the same ‘hold’ time. This allows me time to digest the message and make sure my response is the one I want to send. This helps with in-depth or stressful conversations. The later emails are sent the next day.

The key is not to dwell on the topic of the email once you leave your email. We used to get recipes for fattening foods and unsubscribed from most lists. We started creating our own healthy ones that we share in our online community for weight loss after 50.

  1. Take Care Of Your Asset

This is something I do by receiving wellness care weekly. I get a massage or acupuncture weekly for health, not a health problem. The best way to stay healthy is to use preventive medicine.

I also meditate daily and practice mindfulness. Care for your body and your mind. Never neglect yourself. Your body and your mind are your most powerful assets.

Sleep is important too; these 7 habits of super productive people only work if you have enough rest. Get your well-deserved 8 hours. I plan my day and evenings.Super Productive People

Remember you have one asset – your health.

  1. Tackle Tasks You Don’t Like First

No one loves every aspect of their careers or lives. I use a little enticement to help myself move through these tasks. I offer myself something I enjoy for later. Part of my daily calendar I have a block of time to and I set a timer for the first 15 minutes of this slot. Many times I continue beyond the 15 minutes enjoying the task once I get rolling!

Still I gift myself the reward. It may be a walk outside, reading a book, or something you enjoy. Being a wellness mentor, I don’t like food inducements they affect your health. However, I do reward myself with a glass of good quality wine on a Friday night!

  1. They Use Technology s Their Advantage

I consider myself an early adopter of most technology. Our final habit of super product people is they use technology to their advantage. It can also interfere with your success.  Limit your time with social media and email. Use things like calendars you can sync on all your computers and devices. I also use some automation programs to help me aggregate things like posts I want to share but not all at once. I may find many great stories I want to share, but it’s only 5 am and none of my clients and friends are on social media. Tools can allow me to share these fabulous finds a little later when I know these contacts are online.

Also, I have a membership program that helps my clients organize their health lifestyle. It works to help us build in fitness, food, nutritional formulas, wellness tracking, and just about everything we do. Clients no longer have to come to our office and live all over the world doing their fitness training and wellness online with me.

Clients who do my online challenges or are members of our community benefit from our online weight loss programs, women’s anti-aging, pain management and more. Use online to methods to keep you on target with your goals whether their health or business related. Many people think that productivity is only for business it’s for all areas of your life if you chose to get things accomplished and live healthy and happy.

These 7 habits of super productive people increase your productivity. They help you accomplish more, and they build self-esteem.

When we succeed in our day; getting the things done we need to do and help others we become grateful. Gratitude is an important part of success and being super productive. When we work with people, they can tell from our body language and the inflection of our words the level of our sincerity.  Individuals who are filled with gratitude for the things in their life no matter how few shows.

I hope you adopt these 7 habits of super productive people and up-level your life; you deserve it!


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