Make peace with your past and it won’t disturb your present. `Jeff Bauman

Keeping A Foot In the Past Stops Your Happinesshappiness

How many times have we journeyed to the past? I’m talking about thinking about the past or events that already happened. In the span of a day, I believe that we might ‘live there’ minute by minute sometimes keeping a foot in the past.

We obsess over how we could have reacted, not acted. We worrying about the impression we made or the impact someone had on us. We have this traveler in our heads that dialogues the whole event for us usually not in the best light. This traveler uses the current events to support its retelling of the drama.

Comparing this current moment to something yesterday our guest finds things to keep us locked on yesterday. It creates a backward journey instead of a life lived now.

The Past Keeps Us From Ourselves And From God

foot in the past, happinessEach moment we allow the past to affect our present we stop our own good. If we are looking for ourselves or for God, both aren’t in the past! Neither are they found in the future.

Spirit is always present in our eternal now moments. We can only be present now. One of my favorite statements is “I am” or “So Hum” in Hindu.

It doesn’t say I was or God was. It doesn’t say I will be or God will be. I am now.

Let this eternal now moment flow naturally from you. Don’t attach yesterday to this day or any other. It serves only to rob you of living an inspired and joy filled life today.

Confidence Brings Freedom

How can we do this? Here are 3 ways to ease into saying yes to yourself. These will get you started on leaving the past behind and living today. Having confidence brings freedom to live a better life in the present.

Say YES To Yourself

1.Yesterday Can’t Change Only Today Canfoot in the past

Every time your mind gets distracted by thoughts of an event that already occurred remind yourself you can’t alter the past. Tell yourself that your personal time machine is broke and to move on.

At first you’ll be doing this constantly; I know I was! Trust me it will become less frequent. It’s like changing any habit it takes commitment and time. In about 2-3 weeks, you’ll wonder why you worried so much.

Yes events will happen and you’ll have your buttons pushed – just say yes to yourself until you can let go.

2. Expect to Retake Your Today

You fuel your current beliefs by a lack of confidence and believing in yourself in most cases. I know I did and it was hard to admit this to anyone. Once I admitted it to myself, it was easy to tell clients or write about it.

What worked for me was taking the pressure off. I had to realize I wasn’t perfect; I wasn’t different from other people. Humans have the propensity to worry about what they need to do today and shape it around yesterday.

It feels safe, but it’s chipping away at your confidence. The traveler in your head is in control. If you don’t need it, your confidence and self-empowerment grow.

 3. Savor The Momentsfoot in the past

Stepping into the now doesn’t mean having zero memories. Take pictures have special mementos from wonderful events in your life. Most importantly savor this moment in the moment. Remember if you keep one foot in the past, you aren’t living in the now.

Softly, say, “I am and know that you are amazing.



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