“A man is not old until regrets take the place of his dreams.” ~Proverb  

Achieve Your Goals

Our dreams inspire us and lead us forward but when they become nothing more than dreams we find ourselves regretful.

Goal Setting

I remember the whole thing about learning a foreign language in school. Were you like me and only did what was required to pass the class?

I have always dreamed of spending time in Europe when Kevin and I made our way to Spain a few years back I was a little mad at myself that I hadn’t paid much attention beyond passing the class. Our dreams require tools and for us to take action that is above and beyond ‘just what is expected’.

If you feel a dream or desire to travel isn’t connected to your career then share how you plan to fund your leisure? To dream is whimsical if you don’t plan how to achieve your goals. Make a action plan and do it.

Again let me ask you what goals have you set today? As you read this are you on target, behind or need a plan. It’s not too late to finish the day with one goal met and to create tomorrow actions. Decide if you have the tools to accomplish your dreams and if not, find the most cost effective yet high quality way to be armed for success.

Claim your right to a beautiful life and achieve your goals.