Do You Secretly Possess An Entitlement Mentality?

entitlement mentality

How to avoid the entitlement mentality and still get what you want.


We don’t want to think of ourselves having an entitlement issue but the truth may be hidden somewhere beneath that shinny plaque on your wall or inside your wallet. If your business isn’t growing, it’s failing. One factor to look at is the one closest to home – you.

If you are in the startup phase, you may not feel this is a problem but it can be what is stalling you from launching that super idea or moving forward.

Entitlement Mentality Queens

We hear about divas all the time. The girl into herself only her chosen friends have her phone number. Not someone you likely want to be or know right. Entitlement mentality is driven from the same type of ego.

It stems from success in your life. Remember the shiny plaque on the wall holding your hard-earned degree or certificate that can be the source. What about the knowledge you possess from years of doing something so well that Aunt Mable complimented you!

Maybe it how your boss keeps reminding you she couldn’t get anything done without you and that you are the real leader. Doesn’t it feel like you are entitled to be recognized for all your hard work?

This type of mental energy drives employees and consumer’s running out your virtual or physical door. Let’s break this down and reveal how to use the positive side.

Train Your Brain: Determination Factor

Begin by examining how you got to where you are today in your business. If you’re in the startup phase of your business idea, you have many examples within your life of your determination. The action steps are to:

First, write out 3-5 things you feel you got in life because you used your entitlement mentality.

Where in your life were you determined to get something you wanted? Did you feel entitled even just a little? It could be a college degree, new car, home, even completing your GED.

In reality, you’re no more entitled to any of things than you are willing to believe you deserve. While we want to believe we have, a right to many things, you must make them happen not expect simply to receive. That is the difference between an entitlement mentality and determination.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about How To Test Your Mentality, and the third step which can add dollars to your bottom line and life your reputation and self-respect. If you want to be sure not to miss this special piece of the puzzle, sign up for our emails in the opt-in form to the right!