The Entitlement Mentality


entitlement mentality

Wipe out your entitlement mentality with determination and gratitude.

In part two of this article we will talk about how to tell if you are an entitlement mentality queen, and reveal the third step gratitude in motion.

We often use different words to describe entitlement mentality mindset when it generates positive outcomes. We call it determination, passion, or fortitude perhaps. Imagine we have a dial much like a clock with one hand on it. Instead of numbers, we have mindsets like determination, entitled, happy, sad, or blissful for instance. When we set the dial to determination, we don’t think of it as being entitled. Still there is a thin line between the two beliefs.


How To Test Your Mentality

Finding out where you have secretly stashed away your entitlement issues is easy. It begins with asking yourself questions and writing the answer in your journal. We all have an ego. It’s when it makes human interaction difficult or full of drama that it becomes a problem.

Step Two – Ask yourself:

Do you expect people to like you?

Do you expect others to want your products and services without you providing the best quality or customer service?

Are you expecting to open the doors to your business and have a flood of clients because you got a degree or have something they should want?

I had a chiropractor who worked for me. He went to chiropractic school to avoid selling as he stated it. When people didn’t crash down our doors wanting to see him he was depressed and cried that his school never told him he would have to build a business. He felt entitled to sick patients.

Checking your mentality dial is key to building anything including your successful entrepreneurial enterprise. Make sure it’s always set on gratitude, determination, kindness, and other positive settings.


Gratitude In Motion

Your third action step is to write down 3-5 things or people you need to thank for helping you get where you are today. Then make this a yearly or twice-yearly practice. It’s a practice that will bring you untold rewards in life.

And remember…

You’re a strong, successful woman who can do whatever she sets her mind to accomplish. Don’t let an entitlement mentality stand in the way of greater success in your life. Keep up a positive attitude and keep your ego in check. It will help guarantee you long-term success as well as dedication from customers and employees.

How To Avoid The Entitlement Mentality And Still Get What You Want

There is nothing wrong with being an advocate for your business and your success. You wouldn’t be where you are today without pushing for what you want.

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