Getting People To Like, Know, and Trust You

art of sharing your knowledgeThere’s an art of sharing your knowledge with others. Whether you’re in person or creating an information product, getting people to like, know and trust you is vital. It’s about being human and putting yourself in their place. Remember when you were actually in their place?

I’m online so the focus is having my reader, that’s you, like me. You’ve heard my name. Maybe read my writings or listened to my podcast. You know me. It’s when you and I connect that you choose to like me. You want me to be human to be real. I have to feel your pain because I lived a similar story or had a similar problem.

Guess what. I do feel your pain. Creating an Internet business is hard! The art of sharing your knowledge with others is elusive. Unless someone literally steps up and says I will help you!

The Art Of Sharing Your Knowledge

I spent over 50 grand to learn nothing, ‘back in the day.’ It was trial and error that taught me. Yes, a lot of failures. My family doubted me. They laughed, and so did others. Well no longer. I never gave up and created my own success.

“Do I feel angry?” you ask me. No that’s not my nature. I actually feel excited and grateful because it was those two things that taught me to love myself. ‘Move on’ is my motto.

To Know And Like Me

Now you know me a little better. You and only you can decide to like me.sharing knowledge

This is what you desire of your prospects and clients in your Internet Marketing business.

It’s that movement from getting to know you and then choosing to like you that matters. It matters only if the reader, again that’s you, is my right person. If not, then it’s okay too.

Why We Must Trust

Trust it’s hard to give in today’s world don’t you agree? I recently went through a life-changing course where we had to learn to trust. Trust Everything. It was about believing – no knowing there is a power greater than myself. It’s trusting that power. You call it what you desire. I thought I already had that level of faith and trust but hell – no.

know like trust

The Field Of Onions

We are onions.

I know it because I’m like layers of who I think I am. As a marketer, I know how to be successful helping others. By taking my knowledge and expertise sharing it with my tribe. Cool right? I have used the concepts of positive beliefs and behaviors for a few decades now. Yet each new decade it’s like a new chapter in the book of Deb.

Growing hurts. Or it used to. Now I look forward to it. It’s that moment I know myself and like me. It’s time I allow my gifts and that bigger thing to re-focus me. Dang, this isn’t something that happens on a 10-year calendar. It’s my daily practice.

For you to know, like and trust me, I realize you want these things for yourself too. It’s in that moment you realize that’s what you desire right now that you and I connect. It’s then that my podcast or writings have meaning for you. I hope you know, like, and trust me. I do.

This is the art of sharing your knowledge with others. It’s raw and real. It’s messy and clean. The outcome is either people know, like, and trust you.


Photo by Ryan Moreno, by Bobbo Sintes, Sergey Shmidt on Unsplash