Your Business Is Important Just Like Your Image


Your persona is your business image or brand in a sense. Discover how to create a winning one.

When you start a business you are probably focused on the product or services that you are providing. But did you ever consider how important your persona is when you’re building your empire? A persona is who you are to the public. It is your image. Let’s say you’re a woman talking about dating and you are married. Do you want to be using this information or creating a persona for your online buisness of a woman who is single and dating herself?

No I am not saying lie your way to the top, you may have just gotten married six months ago. So do you trash your business because of this, no you use a persona. What about a local business owner. I had a client who owned a flower shop and he was Dutch it went over wonderfully everyone thought of tulips. The real problem was his wife owned the place he was the bookkeeper. But women especially wanted to buy there plants, flowers and gifts from him because he must know flowers. 

With social media being one of the fastest and easiest ways to market yourself you want to make sure you remember who you are. Who’s looking at your online persona. Many people maintain two types of accounts. Those that are personal and business. Social media sites struggle with this as they want you to have just one site. 

Facebook recently tried to change privacy settings so people could maintain photos for close friends and family but potential employers or customers couldn’t see you holding that beer or your new-born baby. It blew-up in their face so to speak. There terms by the way say you can have one account while twitter will let you have more. 

Create A Sizzling Persona That Readers Gather Around

You know that the world of social media can be brutal. It takes hard work on your part. You have to dedicate a lot of yourself to making sure you get off the ground yet many people’s twelve year old can get more attention than you may have in the past. That’s because they have one focus when they tweet to their friends, engagement. Also they have one persona for the job, kid. 

What Is Your Persona?

persona ideas

Write out your persona and build a personality for your business. Get mentored by a marketing-persona expert.

Don’t just say it’s me! What color our our eyes, hair, and your hobbies, likes or dislikes.Write this stuff out and post it on the wall near your computer and use it in all you around your business. Remember that what you’re putting out there is a direct reflection of who you are.

Would your mother be proud to see what you’re building? What about your boss? Remember, people are seeing what you’re putting into your social media platforms. Look at the flip-side too what do you want the public to know about you in this ever so un-private world we live in today. 

The point is people want to know that you’re a real person when they do business with you. You can’t be someone you are not though you can choose the image for your business face and we call this your business persona. It’s you though it may be taller, younger, or even a different sex.

I have a newer online client who is a man and he writes for women’s magazines about marriage. He’s popular because he tells women what every man wants from their wives, or how to communicate with their husbands.


If you’re unsure about how to build your online persona for your business, get someone to help you. This is what I specialize in helping you start your business and brand yourself. It’s how to successfully get started in what is called an evergreen business. 

By building a positive online presence you will see your business flourish and gain respect in the business world. 

Here is some great information for you on how having a strategic plan can help you build your persona and your business.