If I were to tell you that you can detox without dieting would you believe me?  You can and it only takes 3 things – well really only 2. Detoxifying helps you lose weight, reduce stress, and have more energy. Did I mention sleep better?  It also rewards you with better focus.detox without dieting

How To Detox Without Dieting

It takes both active and passive motion. Let me explain.

When we move our body raising our body temperature we sweat and we breath heavier. Both detoxify your body of things like insecticides, toxic metals and body waste stored in your fat tissue.

Try deep breathing 1-2 times daily. If you’ve done Yoga then you’ve done this form of breathing. Deep Belly [https://chopra.com/articles/breathing-for-life-the-mind-body-healing-benefits-of-pranayama] breathing is one of my favorites to help you detox without dieting. This article talks about the other benefits which include:

Reduced anxiety and depression

Lower/stabilized blood pressure

Increased energy levels

Muscle relaxation

Decreased feelings of stress and overwhelmBreath Deep

Complete Belly Breath Rocks!

“One way to break up any kind of tension is good deep breathing.” Byron Nelson

My favorite that I recommend is the Complete Belly Breath: With one hand on your belly, relax your abdominal muscles, and slowly inhale through the nose, bringing air into the bottom of your lungs. You should feel your abdomen rise. This expands the lower parts of the lungs. Continue to inhale as your rib cage expands outward, and finally, the collar bones rise. At the peak of the inhalation, pause for a moment, then exhale gently from the top of your lungs to the bottom. At the end of exhalation, contract your abdominal muscles slightly to push residual air out of the bottom of your lungs.

When we detox without dieting we’re talking motion of some kind. Breathing is passive. We’ll keep doing it regardless of our desire. You can hold your breath but you’ll finally breath. Music can help you breath deeper and release tension as Byron Nelson, famed golfer once said. Yoga Music is perfect for Complete Belly Breath or deep breathing. 

Giving Yourself An Internal Shower Sweating

The second way to detox without dieting is exercise, especially cardio. You can walk, run, swim, or go to a gym and try a cardio program. This creates sweat which is how your body rids itself of toxins.

If you don’t like gyms, hang out in the sun on a nice walk or go for a bike ride.

How often should you do something to keep your internal-self clean?  Daily or at least once weekly.

You can detox without dieting for all types of health reasons. The best one for me is aging, and stress reduction. What about you?

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