Make This New Year Big With Your Link Building

Link Building

Link Building ways to do it right.

If you followed us last week we discussed ways to become an expert this week is about link building. You are an expert already! It’s not about doing something you aren’t good at it’s about using what you are good at to make money and help other people.

There are multiple areas of business that you can become an expert in and likely already are knowledgeable. When doing link building focus on these areas. 

I’m guessing that if you’ve been following us this week you know how important link building can be. You have probably also gathered that there is a little bit of learning involved when getting started. Stop fretting! We give this information to you free and want to help you succeed. 

Remember That We All Had To Start Somewhere With Link Building

  1. Don’t let your site hurt you. Look for links that are going to be beneficial to you instead of just being useless information. Again we are back to relevant links.
  2. Check out the sites that you link to and then figure out who they link to. Sounds like a daunting tasks but in reality, it’s just a few extra clicks. Make sure they have relevant links as well. You know the saying about the company you keep, well know who your blog is ‘keeping company’ with just as you would with your first born child.
  3. Find sites that should link to you but don’t. Start communicating with the webmaster to find out how you can be included. Make it about them not you.
  4. Don’t automate unless it’s necessary. Automating can be great for certain aspects of your business. Don’t fall into automating and find out later that all you’re linking to is spam.”
  5. Take negative responses in stride. No one likes to be told anything negative. If you find yourself on the receiving end of this type of feedback, figure out why. This will only help you in the long run. I had a woman who I was to meet and get to know trash my site later I found out she was worried since she is trying to make her mark at Pinterest and feared that I would compete. The problem is, she missed the opportunity for both of us to collaborate. Most times negative communication is more about the person than it is about you.
  6. If you move your site to a different URL be sure to provide the 301.Before you do this, contact us. This is not something to take lightly and I will direct you to the best people in the business to help you do it right.
  7. Become a sponsor for something. Because I started in health care, I am involved in this arena.
  8. Use YouTube. It may sound cliché, but real people are making the videos. Find out if they relate to your business and link to other professionals. Make your own video and link to and from videos on the ‘tube’. Be sure to start your own channel.
  9. Do the same with infographics as you do with YouTube. Make your own if you can and share other ones. 

You are well on your way to successful link building. Use tried and true methods to better your business. Also keep in mind that it is a trial and error process. In time, you will be the expert in it!


Action Step

Finally get a coach. I have one and I mentor other people. Jim Rohn, Zig Zigler both talked about their mentors. I stay on top of link building because I invest in it. This is my expertise invest in yours and a mentor.