When we start a new business we’re so excited. Everyone wants and needs our product or service right? Well, maybe not. The first step with a new news_on_digital_devices_40_clr_9552startup is to tune into the ideal client or ideal client avatar as I prefer to call them. This is the first video in this series.

Learn the who and what of building the ideal client avatar so you can find more customers, close more sales, and retain your buyers effortlessly.

The Start Up’s Ideal client Avatar


Ask yourself:


  1. Would benefit from your product or service?
  2. Are they male or female, and what is their age?
  3. Do they work full or part time?
  4. Are they single or married?



  1. What is their pain or pleasure that drives them to need or want what you offer?
  2. Do they need?
  3. Do they need it now or later?
  4. What form do they need it in? A product or service?


This is the tip of the ice-berg, Watch the video and ask us questions!


Your ideal client avatar is just a few minutes away!