Does Your Business Name Support Your Domain Name? business name

You have a great business idea and plan coming up with a stellar name still is elusive for you. Building a business these days involve more, such as a website and something call a domain name.  So what are you going to do first?

Hatch Your Business Name First Or Lay Your Domain Name Down

What is the right choice? Do you name your business first or do you come up with a catchy domain name and go from there?

Ten years ago the answer to that question would have been easy. You could easily name your business and register your domain name to match your business name without a problem. Today, however, it is not so easy. With so many people having registered domain names you may find it hard to find a name that matches your business name.

This infographic helps shed some light on the burning question of whether to name your business first or whether to pick a domain name first. Leave us your comment and let us know if you had a business name before a domain name. Did you struggle to find a domain name that related to your business?


Source http://smashfreakz.com/2012/11/business-name-or-domain-name-first-infographic/