Using Red Hot Copywriting Ideas To Build Your Business

Its’ no mistake that I feel copywriting is the best place to start when you’re looking at ways to increase new clients, retain old ones, or start a new business online.


Simple Ways You Can Make Your Copywriting Bring In New Business

Image yourself sending out a postcard without knowing how to get more customers for your time and money. Usually small business owners just pay the first person through their door or that calls to handle this. It seemed like a great idea at the time. After all, you’re in ‘your’ business field and they must know how to market your business, right?


The problem is they don’t. They have no real knowledge or training in your field or experience in what you know and do. The quicker you discover that your business is the business of marketing what you do the faster you will find success with your time, money, and freedom.


Painful isn’t it. You thought you were a dentist, boutique, acupuncturist, or auto repair shop waiting to help people. If you want to start an online business as a homeschooling mom, relationship coach, or share your travel and camping experience with other fans of the outdoors you’re probably still waiting on the rush of people wanting to buy. These are just examples. This applies to you and your success in any business model.


I use many online marketing concepts and recommend good copywriting to my coaching clients. It’s vital if you are doing social media, have a blog, or plan on writing anything online. Don’t freak out. You don’t have to be a good writer. It took a long time for me to understand this.


Let me help you the way I wish someone would have helped me. Good copywriting for what we are about to do isn’t all the prose or technical hoopla you learn in school. Give me this week to show you my method of copywriting, practice it, and then use it. You’ll see changes if you take action.


So What Goes Wrong With Copywriting?


Most people fall back on their schooling in English and write a report. Even the idea of creative writing falls short if you fail to use ‘hot’ words or words that sell. There I said it. Most entrepreneurs are afraid to talk about the “S” word. Have you heard that only 5% of solopreneurs make it? Read a book called the E-Myth. This is where mindset comes in and we will cover that this week too.


If you don’t learn how to use communication and reach out to people who want or need your services and products, you can be part of the other 95% who fail in business. Use your words to engage with your audience even if it’s the first customer you have.


When we don’t our business failure catches up with us. 


Good Copywriting Can Bring You New Leads


You first realize it’s time to move on, try something different, or just learn how to bring in customers. Your long-term success though depends on more. Perhaps you are not that far along yet? Your business is still brewing in the back of your mind and you’re wondering will anyone want this product or service?


I am talking about whatever it is you sell or want to sell to the world even if the world is your neighborhood. The bottom line is today everything is online, even your local business. Now don’t stop reading because you’re old fashioned. Direct marketing has a huge place in my coaching and in my personal business. You just want to bring in some money fast and if you’re a local business, this is the difference sometimes between rent and a late fee.


So Let’s Start With The Basics – Copywriting


If you can’t tell a story about yourself and your business then how will you connect with your new clients? What method will you use to bring in and keep leads? I inherited a new client from a competitor this past week that now has turned into a referral source of 5 new clients! How, you might ask? According to the clients’, they felt the other health provider was ‘cold’.  


They not only got to speak with me but also got an email right away telling them about my business and me. A week later, they got the latest copy of my direct mail newsletter. It’s about things that aren’t connected to my business but that every family thinks about or wants to know. Not only do I communicate with them in person, using language, I shared with them more about me than I have time for in my busy day.


Copywriting is taking your words and your story and putting it into writing. It’s doing a newsletter even if you don’t write the stories, and it’s your online website or blog posts. With mobile, regardless of your business setup, you need a blog and ‘it’ wants to be fed content or rather the search engines expect that your blog will grow.


So how are we going to do this? How will it help you get started with a new career or business or save the one you have?


We can talk strategy but if you start sending out postcards, or doing online lead generation, and what you send out doesn’t get their attention, you’ve just wasted your time and money.


Start With The End In Mind


copywriting ideas

Stellar Copywriting Should Tell A Story – Easy To Learn

What do you want to achieve?

When do you need to get them to take action by and what action is it you need from your prospects or buyers?


Your action step today is to figure out what it is you need and by when do you need it.




If you need to end this time-period of a month, or by years’ end with 10 new clients, you better have your product or service ready to sell. If you don’t then chances are you don’t know who your target market is. This week’s strategy isn’t on developing the avatar of your buyer or creating your persona.


Still you can start with copywriting. Ask yourself these two questions:


copywriting checklist

What do you need?
copywriting checklist  When you will need to have it?


I want to hear your comments, questions, and thoughts. So take the time to use the comment section below!