The Truth Behind Selling Your Expert Services

When you decide to sell your expert services you’re not declaring yourself a celebrity in the sense of Oprah or Dr Oz. You are trying to reach your market and be the expert to these clients. Now that we’ve taken the pressure off let dive into the how of making this work for you . 

If you have a blog you know how far its reach can be when you are trying to sell expert services. With the right type of information you can market your services to a very large network of people.

However, making sure that you do it the right way is important so that your name and your products get out there and you build a good reputation. Having a good following of your blog can depend on you putting a few things in place.

Expert Services


Dissolving The Myth

It really comes down to these steps: 

1. Find your ideal client – Before you start writing your blog picture what you want your target audience to be. Make sure you are writing to the people that you want to potentially reach out to with your expert services. Use our persona and avatar checklists to tap into the right audience. 

2. Become a blogging consultant – Once you have mastered the art of blogging and have become successful at selling your services try becoming a blogging consultant. This is premature if you are just starting out but if you have a blog and know your audience start teaching. 

You will be helping people that were just like you become successful as well. You are now not only selling your own expert services, you are also making money by teaching people how to successfully sell their expert services as well.

3. Focus on offline SEO – Businesses today need to have some sort of online presence. However, if they are unaware of how to go about using SEO than they don’t really have much of a shot. Teach an offline business how to successfully get on the map by using SEO skills that you have learned.

If you’re just starting out get our Distinctive Business Startup And Marketing Success Program. 

4. Seminars and webinars – Create your own seminars and webinars for people to attend. Try holding something at least once a week or about every other week so people can listen to your expert advice and start building their own business.

5. Traffic and engagement – Successfully selling your services will depend highly on how much traffic and engagement you have to your blog. Make sure you are continuously adding material to keep your traffic and engagement rates up.

Your presence online is what will make you successful. If people see that you are a constant online presence they will keep coming back for more. Once you know that you have constant presence marketing is extremely important to your success.