Do you think you’re fat? My phone is ringing off the hook with those who do. Let’s clear up some misconceptions about weight loss. Many entrepreneurs I coach get confused about losing weight. There is is continuous entrepreneur weight loss battle. Do you think your are fat?

I don’t suggest one way to maintain a healthy weight. Paleo seems to work best for most people. Some use HCG or Whole 30 to shed pounds before settling on a lifestyle.

The Entrepreneur Weight Loss Battle

To lose weight and keep it off don’t be uptight about the journey.

You will need to make a choice not to go back to chips, pasta, soda, and wine. Wait a minute, really? Yes, these are healthy for you and can stand in the way of a balanced life for an entrepreneur.

The occasional wine or pasta dish is fine, once you are at your goal weight. You know once a month for the pasta. A glass of wine on the weekends, not a bottle. The caveat. If you have pasta on one weekend and then rice the next, finally potatoes on the 3rd plus a glass of wine each time expect to gain weight. That is unless you work out 4-5 days a week. Do both cardio and strength training each time. Do you think you’re fat? This stuff will make it true.

5 Things Every Entrepreneur Need To Know For Successful Weight Loss

  1. What comes in must go out. You use about 60% of the healthy food you eat. The rest is waste so have 2-3 bowel movements daily. If you lean toward The Entrepreneur Weight Loss Battleconstipation, take Calcium Citrate. Start with a low dose and work up to one that assists you. If you’re eating junk food, your body can’t use it and stores it as fat.
  2. Do you feel hungry? A common side-effect of weight loss is the mental need to fed. You’ll crave sugar, salt, and fat for sure. It’s withdrawal symptoms. The only way to overcome hunger pangs to go through them and never overeat these foods again. They’re super addictive like heroin.You need good fat and salt but not in the quantity you might have eaten in the past. Most sugar we don’t need. Get it from fruit. Once you lose weight only use maple syrup or honey sparingly. About a tablespoon a daily. Better yet, use Stevia.
  3. Your tummy shrinks. That’s a nice way of saying our stomach gets used to feeling full on less. Until then you’ll feel hungry. This is true even on HCG.
  4. Our mind tells us to eat more. Hey if you haven’t figured it out your brain has it’s own agenda. It tells you not to try new things,  why should this time be different, and so on. Ignore your brain. It runs an old ‘tape’ you or someone else put in it. Feed it a new affirmation until you believe.
  5. Finally, drink water! Coffee, tea, pop are not water. Your body sees the water in these as food. Plain water not flavored. Your body doesn’t get it.  Do you think you’re fat? Sugary drinks turn to fat.

Do You Think You Are Fat?

Our self-image affects us. As an entrepreneur, we have to have confidence and balance it all. That’s where my coaching comes in. If you’re way-laid by your health or appearance, it’s difficult to focus.

Do you think you’re fat? You might be, or maybe you’re not. The fact is all these tips are important for everyone to keep a healthy body.


Photo by patricia serna,  Kawin Harasai, and Nigel Tadyanehondo onUnsplash