Does Menopause Weight Gain Make It Harder To Lose Weight After 50?

I remember the morning I was in a rush to get out the door. Almost late for an appointment, I was trying on my third pair of pants. I had just bought new ones a year ago and to be honest, they weren’t out of style. I thought to myself I’ve gained weight again. I’d been trying to lose weight, and it occurred to me that it’s harder for women when we hit 50 or sometimes get close to this age.

Is Losing Weight Harder For Menopause Women?

We have a different metabolism as our hormones change. Sure, they changed when I had my children, but they bounce back in most women. After each child, I lost the weight within a year. The noticeable thing is the different body shape. A little wider at the hips and my shoulders too seemed to be fuller.

Should Women Eat As Much As Their Husband?

This weight gain was around my middle. I had noticed it in my forties and watching the food I ate helped. It was more about not eating as much as my husband. Now it seemed to be more about the kind of food, and I had started eating more again.

That’s fine when you’re running after a toddler or on the run with an active teen, now it was just me. weight gain and all. The year was 2008. I had to discover how to lose the weight or give up. I didn’t want my empty nesters years to be slowed down because of health problems that obesity causes.

As a health coach and Chinese Medicine doctor, I had the tools to stop the train wreck my weight was creating. It wasn’t just me either. My wonderful hubby looked like Santa in the summer.

There were tons of gimmicks around to lose weight. Take this supplement to go into ketosis or drink this to make you not hungry. In the end, the secret lay in three things.

How Do I Lose Weight After 50?

  1. A plan for me that was easy and didn’t involve eating crappy food or becoming a gym rat.
  2. I knew our friends wouldn’t be the support we needed. I had to find or create a community to learn more and share what I knew about food, cooking, fitness, mindset, and aging.
  3. The right exercise for busy older me. It wouldn’t be something for 20 or even 30 year old’s. Those days were long gone; it had to stimulate my physical body to lose weight and not store it.

Of course, being me the first thing I did was make sure there wasn’t a health problem. You should do this too. Have a visit with your doctor. If your thyroid is sluggish, you might decide not to jump into drugs instead using food and supplements to help support it. I bet your hormones will be off maybe a little or a lot too.

Is The Such A Thing As Menopause Weight Gain?

This is where you have to make a choice. Do I take hormones or not?  I suggest supplements, food, and exercise. It’s always the first thing I try with office clients. Why? Because it works 90% of the time.

This article isn’t about what to eat, take, or do to lose weight it’s, to be honest, losing weight is harder as we get older. The change in hormones can mean lower energy, weight gain, insomnia and more. This article is about saying yes, I have a problem that takes a special program to change my weight, and I am ready to learn more.