Effective Verbal Communication Starts With Listening

Effective Communicators

Do You Really Listen When In A Verbal Conversation?

Every day we communicate with others both verbally and non-verbally. Every time we smile at another person, say “Hello” to someone, carry on a conversation, or even purposely ignore someone, we are communicating. To become an entrepreneur you must learn to communicate effectively.

When verbally communicating there are questions, commentary, editorials and more happening at lightning speed. What we don’t see is our body language or non-verbal cues. All of this together tells our listener what we really want to say.

This is why learning to speak intentionally can have a huge impact on your success as an entrepreneur. Effective verbal communication opens doors. Remember you can’t take back your words so make each one count. 

When talking with someone and they ask you a question step back before you answer. It doesn’t mean waiting so long the other party thinks we don’t understand; it’s thinking before answering. This creates effective verbal communication between two people.

How To Become An Effective Communicator

Simply Practice

1. Take one breath in and out slowly while you thinking first about the question.

2. Then another as you think what you want to say before saying it. Don’t breath fast, take your time. Your listener will like that you took time to consider their question important.

2. With practice, you’ll become a natural and better communication skills and reading body language. Think about how powerful this is if the other person is rushed, or upset.

Effective Communicators

Verbal communication in business

It gives them time to calm down. If they don’t perhaps the best statement is, “Let’s talk when you are calm.”

3. Tools: Make a set of question cards and mix them up. Daily pull one card out of the stack and practice communicating your answer using this method. Better yet! Have someone else write out some questions too.

4. Learning how to formulate the question helps you better communicate answers to questions.

This communication practice and tool can be used to become a better communicator in most any verbal communication style.

 Effective verbal communication for entrepreneurs is truly easy. It allows you to make your future as successful as you desire and improves all areas of life.