Learn from Experience:  Practical Facebook Engagement Tips From Actual Pages

‘How do you actually do it?’, you may ask.  You’ve been reading up on blogs and articles about Facebook marketing strategies and techniques. Yet, you still can’t seem to get a grip on how to apply them on your own Facebook page.  Facebook Marketing Tips

Experience is the best teacher, so to speak.  Here are 9 businesses, one or more them could be similar to yours, showing you 9 practical ways to apply those Facebook engagement theories.  If they did it, so can you. Read and learn!

Get Personal.  So how does a picture and status message about Chicken Apple Sausages you had for lunch have anything to do with the business page of “Smart Passive Income”?  Nothing really. But it showed the personality behind the business. It gives audiences something they can relate to or something to spur a good piece of conversation.

Get the picture.  The power of visuals could never be overstated.  Pictures gives your page the ‘wow’ factor or could powerfully establish an emotional connection and reaction from the audience.  “Home Depot’ posts a variety of pictures to drive traffic to their website.

My Favorite Facebook Marketing Tip

Contests. Everybody loves to win. Many of us get a thrill out of games and challenges.  Facebook fans are no exception.  Contests and prizes draw people to your pages.  It is an effective tool to increase “likes”, build leads, and present your business.  “How To Market Your Horses” promote contests on their Facebook timeline cover.

Have Fun.  The idea of ‘info-tainment’ works well on Facebook. People tend to remember you when they learn and had fun while learning.  A good sense of humor is one of the major factors that keep people engaged. The Facebook page of “Salesforce” has come up with a character mascot “SaaSy, VP of fun”, to represent the funny bone of their business.

Showing your business supporting a good cause strikes an emotional chord among members of your Facebook community.  “Little Man Ice Cream” gives space on their Facebook timeline cover to show projects and causes that they support.  

Take advantage of Facebook’s features.  The ‘pin to top’ feature of Facebook helps to draw attention to promo or important messages that you want your readers to take notice of.  “Tuni” uses it to draw attention to an on-going contest.  There are other Facebook features like apps, events, highlight, etc., that enhance the user’s experience.

Consider Using A Personal Profile.  “Brent Humphreys” is a realtor and uses his personal identity to highlight his services.  He talks about his business from a more personal point of view.

Crowdsource Your Content.  People love seeing their photos featured on Facebook pages. Kinda makes them feel like ‘celebrities’; gives them a sense of importance. “Medtronic Diabetes” showcases pictures shared by their community either in posts or for their timeline covers,  They also ask them to share their stories.

Show ‘em you love ‘em. A little ‘thank you’ note to your Facebook community could go a long, long way.  “Campbell Soup” does a good job in it by posting creative photo memes and responding to both positive and negative comments.

Have you picked the Facebook marketing strategy or technique combinations that best suit your business?


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