Another New Kid On The Social Media Block:  Pheed

There’s a new kid on the social media block.  His name is Pheed.  I’m sure many of you are raising your eyebrows, shaking your heads, skeptical as to what this kid has to offer.  Well, why not get to know the guy first before passing judgement.  Who knows, he might just fit perfectly into your small business mould.  For one, this would not be in this week’s most-buzzed-about-startup in Silicon Valley if it does not show any promise and potential against topnotch competitors like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I admit at times I feel there are too many of these social networking sites. The problem is you have to go where your audience is. 

The big questions are — how does Pheed differ from the rest of them?  How can Pheed benefit your business? 

Their slogan says it all — “express yourself”.  Pheed wants original content.  You can upload photos, videos, texts, audio — provided that it something that you originally created.   Pheed integrates a  buttonPheed that says “copyright this pheed”, in order to enforce the idea of original content.  Pheed has offered some form of a security blanket among its users that their content is protected. This is such a big step ahead compared to privacy issues and concerns faced by other social networks.

This means your pictures from the ugly baby contest you won a few years ago will remain yours. If you’re wondering why I said this a few years ago I actually saw such a contest and knowing the ‘owner’ of the photo he’ll want to keep this private and control all rights. 

With your original content, Pheed also offers the option of monetization.  For a premium account, you can set a monthly subscription fee or a pay-per-view live event.  With this you are able to re-purpose your content from being an engagement tool to a product that you can actually sell.  If you are a music teacher, or a motivational speaker for instance,  you can upload, say a video tutorial content to engage your fans, and take it to the next level by offering a full course that they could avail at a premium price. So how can this benefit my local business clients? Take more photos! Express your business and your clients.

Art a local insurance agent who asked me to help him generate more from his social media found Pheed to be a great way to upload photos of his clients when they buy a new home or auto. The insured are excited to show off their new digs or new family car. What way can you use Pheed to market your business and protect your photos while having fun?








Read source here.   Pheed logo courtesy of Pheed.com