Capture And Keep Your Audience

Make Your ‘Once Upon A Time’ A ‘Happy Ever After’ Here’s how to capture and keep your audience.

In storytelling, first impressions do not last.  Either they fall asleep or walk out on you out of boredom.  You may have grabbed someone’s attention with your eye-catching title or headline, but can you mange to keep them hooked, keep their eyes glued, and wanting to find out more?five storytelling tips Capture and keep your audience

Again, engagement is the big idea.  Whether you’ve published a new blog post, posted an update on your social media, uploaded a new video, or doing a livestream talk, broadcasting a podcast, or giving away an ebook…your content should pull your audiences in and keep them.

Giving your audience a sincere and real tone in delivering your content makes them feel more assured, and will let you eventually build a relationship with them. Your customers would be more trusting to communicate with a human being than to an autobot.   BE REAL.  This is what can Capture and Keep Your Audience.

Keep it simple for all, but take it up a notch for those who are willing and able.  Storytelling made simple is easy to understand for most.  Yet, there may be someone from your audience that appreciate the simplicity but want more. Get a feel of what and how extensive can your audience relate to your story or content.

If you want some feedback from your audience, again, keep it simple.  As they say, ‘no-brainer’ social media competitions gain the most responses.  A one-step click or share or re-tweet usually works best.

Make sure that what you ask your audience to do would be worth their while.  You should deliver what you promised and reciprocate those clicks, shares, or re-tweets that you asked for.

Explore. Experiment. Innovate. There are a thousand and one ways to do things. Try and find out what clicks.  Your audience will love you for it.

Go for content and a storytelling style that is engaging and shareable.  They’ll most likely share stories that are useful, informative, entertaining, humorous, inspiring.  Create that emotional connection.


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